Company of Heroes 2 Update Released

This thread is where we'll be sharing patch changes and game updates.

Updates as of June 4th, 2013

- adding tracking for rare peer to peer error
- optimization: game won't slow down after numerous explosions have damaged the terrain
- optimization: speed up terrain rebuilding for higher frame rates when the camera moves
- fix dead entities not snapping to ground when dying on bridges
- prevent enemy buildings from appearing as holes in the ground when FoW was active
- improve hang detection to reduce number of times the game crashed itself thinking it was hung
- fix a bug where projectiles would never hit a dropped mg42
- fix post game stat screen showing wrong info on save/load
- add OEM8 for mapping English physical key locations to French
- add new Commander Dispatch feature
- update performance test to feature snow
- most barrage abilities now target positions instead of squads/entities
- fix guard troops reinforcing for free
- catch networking problems when a user has trouble connecting to many users in a short period of time
- reduce pak43 and howitzer requirements
- normal mortar can now be deployed when you get the 120mm
- commander tank and officer limited to one
- 120mm mortar changed from 480 to 360 from free
- fix for quad50 audio in the distance
- fix ISU 152 having two abilities with the T hotkey
- add hotkey for transfer orders
- fix M shortcut for tellermine
- fix bug where playing a tutorial of watching a replay to completion would prevent the player from playing online
- fix subtitle overlap in tutorial

Updates for June 6th, 2013

- fixed some crash bugs
- server updates
- adressed an issue with the Replay feature requiring a game restart

Updates for June 10th, 2013


- Create post-game AI survey for beta

AI Updates

- AI vehicle positioing tactic now prefers to find safer positions relative to the current position instead of always relative to the target position
- AI vehicle positioning tactic no longer tries to use vehicles that are bad at strafing to out postion an enemy relative to the enemies position
- AI tactics and fallback now properly check weapon ranges based on OBBs like the weapons do
- AI force attack tactic will not get stuck running if the target moves within minimum weapon range
- AI attack commands now properly detect squads in idle combat
- AI move commands now support a facing only move
- AI simple move state now copies the path finding weights when it starts to prevent other AI tasks from changing them after the move has started
- AI cover, vehicle, and force attack tactics now only do path finds with a path length factor of 1.5 and not unlimited since they should be short moves
- AI Vehicle Tactic now keeps more space between it and threatening entities and re-positions less frequently
- AI Task Combat State no longer oscillates between retreat and fallback when the squad wants to retreat but does not support retreating
- AI Ability Tactic properly converts entity and squad targets to position targets before attempting to do the ability if the targets cannot be seen
- AI squad clump detection system now tracks which clumps contain visible squads instead of just testing the centre of the clump for visibility
- AI checks for squads and entities being detectable now also checks if the squad or entity has been seen recently if so then they can still be detected
- AI vehicle tactic crash fix
- AI VehicleTactic now only does path following moves if the destination is greater than 15 meters so we can do less path finding
- AISimpleMoveState and AIObjectiveAttackArea repath and replan timers are now scaled by the number of local AI players so we don't continually throw away good paths when we are getting infrequent updates
- AITaskMoveState no longer gets confused between layover movement doing cold layovers and capture layovers
- AISimpleMoveState now sends a move command to the final position if it has waited for a path for longer than 8 seconds
- AITaskMoveState now checks to make sure its path is going to the correct destination before it assumes it has a path it can use
- AILeader and AIFollower tasks now coordninate better and spend less time stopping and waiting for each other
- When selecting squads to be leaders and followers, team weapon squads are no longer preferred to be leaders, they are now not preferred
- AITasks now know which task group they belong to
- AITactics are now prevented from being recursively updated
- AICaptureTasks now correctly check for capture progress relative to allies and enemies
- Skirmish AI no longer double military targets for neutral world owned points
- Skirmish AI players now calculate preferred map areas relative to other players and get penalties for attacking and capturing outside those areas
- Skirmish AI players now take into account what teammates have produced and prefer to build different units
- Skirmish AI will no longer try to build securing structures on points that cannot be secured. (victory points, fuel/munition points, watch towers)
-Skirmish AI now properly releases a squad from its current task before getting it to do a construction task
- Skirmish AI no longer fallsback if it is almost done capturing a point or reverting a point
- Skirmish AI no longer gives up on capturing a point on a cold map if there are no heat sources near the point but it is already capturing the point
- Skirmish AI no longer counts all units that can be spawned from a building as potential producibles, now it only counts units that it has the prerequisits for
- Skirmish AI now prefers to keep doing objectives it was doing the previous update
- Skirmish AI now uses attack objectives to capture undefended points instead of capture tasks without an objective
- Skirmish AI will now create attack objectives to attack military points that are undefended instead of only attacking military points that can be destroyed
- Skirmish AI will no longer send team weapon squads or artillery squads out alone to attack or capture unless they are already in combat at the target
- Skirmish AI now assigns extra squads to help attack objectives based on combat ratio improvement and distance and not just distance
- Skirmish AI now prefers to attack a military point with squads near it over a clump of enemy squads not quite near the military point to facilitate captuing the point while attacking
- AI no longer thinks Katyusha and Panzerwerfer are good for circle strafing
- Hard and Expert AI now use default dynamic economy without any overrides
- added dshk squad, panzer iv command squad, mortar halftrack, and assault field officer squad to the default AI economy
- updated panzer iv command squad main cannon AI combat ratings to more closely match the panzer iv squad AI combat ratings
- AI barrage abilities now target enemy structures in addition to clumps of enemy squads
- Skirmish AI default economy now includes randomized utility ranges of 10, previously was 0

Bug Fixes

- Rare crash caused when a player in a vs AI automatch starts loading before they get the updated session info from the host for the populated AI slots
- Added a hang detection thread to watch for heartbeats and dbFatal if the app goes off for more than 60 seconds
- Hooked up game start audio stinger to only play for Custom and Automatches
- Fixedtitle entering an unlimited unresponsive state when minimising the title on the Performance Test loading screen
- Fixed scenario could be marked as complete after the check to see if it was complete, resulting in unawarded achievements
- Fixedsome enemy buildings appearing as holes in the ground when fog of war is active
-improved timeout values based on feedback/crashes
-update : terrain compositor has controllable rescaling to enable us to vary compositor resolution
- fixed sometime projectile may never hit a dropped hmg42
- Adding logic to track how often we get the PeerConnectFail error, and if we get a certain amount without ever successfully getting into a match, show an error message to the user
- stats now only care about actual team ID and not slot team id / map team ID
- collectors edition flag now saved out with saves/replays
- make sure team ID matches up with slot team ID (when they are different due to random starting locations) so UI does not have to do any sort of mental gymnastics
- fixed loading an auto save on mission 3 loads the game with only background music playing
- Added Plat support for OEM8 so that we can correctly map English physical key locations to French
- Allow multiple demo charges on the same spot vs non-panel buildings. The "don't place demo charges at the same location twice" rule only makes sense for panel buildings
- Fixed scenario launch code with proper variable initialization and ensure that repeated calls within the same frame do not cause a crash
- Detect invalid scenarios and notify user of error in c++ code
- Detect SetupMod() failure and notify user of error
- force a crash on actual load step failure as otherwise it would just hang (not addressed by this fix)
- Fixed load game dialog dereferencing null ptr while in game
- Destroy the match instead of just concluding if the game becomes inactive
- Moscow Line - Partisan Squads will appear twice in the Construction Tab in the Post Game Stats
- Fixed: When using dispatch, unit will show up two times in the construction tab on the post-game stats
- Set the connect timeout separately from the read timeout for the long-poll
- Fix bridge border become passable after ice heal under it
- fix animation sliding when building barbed wire
- fix maxim crew syncing to a standing maxim will play standing animation, rather than going prone and snap to stand
- add more telemetry logging. including match start and match end event, option changing event, tutorial video event
- optimization: make blizzard/snow/rain render to a lower resolution texture
- re-fix : resolution list is populated properly if your primary display is in portrait orientation
- cache steam cloud files locally
- match reporting fixes to prevent unwanted disputes in arbitration, which was causing everyone to lose trust if someone in the match quit
- always call ReportMatchResults even if the game is not active
- when a player leaves the match, set the kill player reason to KPR_NetworkAbort instead of KPR_Surrendered
- if the player final state is PS_ABORTED, file an abstain match report
- fixed game crash when airstrike ability is used just before the victory point count down
- fixed rally point blip appearing in middle of minimap when placed on an entity
- don't show demo charge as a killer on post game stats (it has no valid UI info)
- fix one case where sync error reporting could be interruped by incorrect fatal scar error caused by sync error
- fix so when sync error, simulation stop updating, so the rest if the simulation code and scar update won't unnecessary get called
- investigate making the game mark itself for Steam update after crash
- fixed a crash when grenade kills a charge on bridge
- PanzerGraveyard achievement unlocked properly
- audio fix for distant shots
- this is only half the work as the M5 is needed elsewhere for another fix. matching audio to come soon
- removing two soldier entities that were left on the map
- fixed Stug III tread critical causing missing tread (mesh conditions on healthy tread were inappropriate to keep one visible)
- fixed missing Polish speech
- background sfx continue through movies
- stuka engine sfx
- final mix polish
- fixed making 2/3/4xxx AMD cards require the special legacy drivers AMD made for us
- fixed lockup when pistol is in cooldown when close to an enemy and being attacked

Balance & Gameplay

- adding vet modifiers and loc to the TOW cold weather units
- removing the tech/building requirement from the howitzers
- fixing for ram not disabling the maingun if the vehicle was buttoned. The critical was able to be applied to the disabled main weapon
- reseting UI and camera in last frame of battles and scenarios, so that View Battlefield is doable
- updated version of the performance test with snow on the ground, and new cameras avoiding clipping through trees
- taking off the requirements on the pak43 and howitzers, fixing some help text
-fixes to the mortar,command tank and officer ... normal mortar can now be deployed when you get the 120mm mortar and now i limited the commander tank and officer to one on the battlefield
- chainging cost of 120mm mortar team from 480 to 360 from free
- Transfer Orders now has hotkey
- M07 fixes from E3 reviews
- updating help text for non-winter maps
- increase timing on driver abandon
- clean up maps that have the old trench wall
- Tracer added to rear MG
- sniper tracer fire is not very visible if shooting offscreen
- trench area detail added
- replaced trenches
- updated tutorial order
- Shock Troops have "Fire Superiority" tool tip for Vetrancy 1, instead of "Trip Wire Flares"
- fixed the tooltip on the ability, it requires 6 command points (It was saying that it required 2 before)

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Updates for June 11th, 2013

- made compatibility mode check more apparent
- adjusted security settings

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Updates for June 12th, 2013

- Fixed crash on startup when in compatibility mode

Updates for June 13th, 2013

Game Updates

- Twitch fully unlocked for players
- Single Player E3 Demo Mission unlocked
- Tutorial Mission unlocked
- Stability fixes
- Compatibility fixes

Balance Changes

Anti-Tank grenades and Panzerfaust:
- Range reduced from 20 to 15.

Veterancy Change:
- Rates changed from 50%/50% (Damage applied / received damage) to 75%/25%.

- Rate changed from 4 upkeep per pop to 1.5.
- Upkeep thresholds removed.
Riegel 43 Anti-tank Mine

- Reduced the time to plant the mine from 12 to 6 seconds
- Changed the ability to allow it to be targeted in the fog of war.
- Removed the cooldown.

- Cost from 520mp/140fuel to 520mp/170fuel
- Max distance scatter from 10 to 4.55
- Reload time from 9.75s to 8.25s
- AOE from 6m to 5m.
- Health from 1280 to 800
- Front armor from 175 to 200
- Acceleration from 1.5 to 2
- Target Size decreased from 24 to 22
- Max speed from 4.5 to 4.8
- 50% of the shell’s damage is applied on non-penetrating rounds against enemy armor.
- Added a 1 in 3 chance of 5s crew shocked critical on target deflections

- Price from 520mp/220 fuel to 640mp/260 fuel
- Front Armor from 270 to 400
- Pop cost from 13 to 16.
250 Halftrack:
- Front armor from 25 to 11 and Rear armor from 15 to 5.5
- Health from 300 to 240
222 20mm Autocannon:
- Increased AOE from 0.5 to 1 making this weapon a bit more effective against infantry.

Opel Blitz Truck:
- Health decreased from 300 to 160
- Armor reduced from 25/15 to 7/5
German 10.5cm Howitzer:
- AOE Radius reduced from 9 to 7.5

- Price from 400mp/100fuel to 320mp/115 fuel
- Build time from 40 to 50.
- Pop cost from 10 to 8.
- Scatter from 5 to 1.98 increases its accuracy.

- Increased ice damage from 55 to 75
- Acceleration from 3 to 3.75
- Max speed from 5.5 to 6

- Price from 560mp/150fuel to 440mp/165fuel
- Pop from 14 to 11.
- Health from 1280 to 960
- Rear Armor from 135 to 112.5
- Acceleration from 1.9 to 2.3
- Max speed from 5.2 to 5.5
- Range from 60m to 50m
- Reduced the rotation rate from 30 to 27.

Panzer IV Command Tank:
- Price from 560mp/140 fuel to 360mp/125 fuel
- Pop from 14 to 9.
- Damage from 60 to 80
- Penetration from 50 to 55
- [Bug Fix] Range from 45 to 40
- Scatter from 5 to 5.6

Panzer IV:
- Price from 480mp/120 fuel to 320mp/115 fuel
- Pop from 12 to 8.
- Reload time from 4.75s to 5.75s
- Damage from 80 to 160
- Scatter from 7m to 6m
- Acceleration from 2.8 to 2.4
- Max speed from 5.3 to 5.2

- Price from 400mp/85 fuel to 280mp/95 fuel
- Scatter from 10m to 6.5m
- Health from 640 to 480
- Target Size from 20 to 14
- Increased rotation from 20 to 22
- Area of Effect from .5m to 1.5m
- Damage all in hold set to TRUE, similar to other AOE heavy weapons. This will allow the weapon’s Area of Effect damage to apply to targets inside a halftrack or scout car.
- Main gun range from 60m to 50m
- Reload time from 3s to 4s
- Main gun penetration from 110 to 140.

- Price from 520mp/210 fuel to 600mp/250 fuel
- Reload from 8.75s to 6.25s
- Scatter from 10m to 6.8m
- Area of Effect From 3.75m to 2.5m
- Armor from 400 front/200 rear to 350 front/250 rear
- Acceleration reduced from 1.5 to 1.25
- Max speed increased from 4.5 to 4.7
- Added a 1 in 5 chance for a 5 second crew shocked critical on target deflections
- Main gun rotation from 19 to 17

- Health increased from 640 to 960
- Armor decreased from 360 front/225 rear to 240 front/120 rear
- Cost from 440mp/120 fuel to 360mp/135 fuel

- Armor from 400 front/200 rear to 375 front/225 rear
- Pop from 14 to 16
- Health from 1280 to 960
- Price from 560mp/210fuel to 680mp/300fuel
- Reload time from 8.25s to 9s
- Scatter from 10m to 7.5m
- Acceleration increased from 1.5 to 2
- Rotation rate increased from 25 to 30
- 1 in 6 chance of 5 second crew shocked critical on target deflections
- Penetration increased from 110 to 140
- 25% of the shell’s damage is applied on non-penetrating rounds against enemy armor.

- Price from 520mp/215 fuel to 680mp/290 fuel
- Pop from 13 to 17.
- Armor from 120 front/60 rear to 200 front/100 rear
- Health from 1280 to 960
- AOE from 5m to 6m
- Damage from 160 to 240
- Scatter from 10m to 13.2m
- Reload from 6.125s to 10s
- Penetration from 170 to 150
- Target Size from 24 to 26
- Acceleration from 1.5 to 2
- Max Speed from 4 to 3.8
- 33% of the shell’s damage is applied on non-penetrating rounds against enemy armor.
- Added a 1 in 3 chance of crew shocked critical on deflections
- Reduced main gun tracking speed from 25 to 12
- G-530 Concrete Piercing Round ability penetration increased to 1000

- Price from 200mp/45 fuel to 160mp/55 fuel
- Pop from 5 to 4
- Reload from 3.875s to 2.375s
- Penetration from 75 to 93

- Price from 440mp/90 fuel to 320mp/115 fuel
- Pop from 11 to 8
- Front armor from 160 to 180
- Increased acceleration and max speed from 2 to 2.4 and from 5 to 5.3
- Increased Area of Effect from 0.5m to 1m

- Price from 280mp/75 fuel to 240mp/95 fuel
- Pop from 7 to 6
- Acceleration from 2.5 to 2.8
- Rotation rate from 30 to 36
- Max speed from 5.6 to 5.8
- Rear armor from 57.5 to 70.
- Main gun scatter from 7m to 5.1m

- Price from 360mp/100 fuel to 360mp/130 fuel
- Health from 640 to 800
- Armor from 115 front to 124 front
- Acceleration from 1.9 to 2.3
- Main gun scatter from 5m to 3.4m

- Price from 200mp/55 fuel to 160mp/55 fuel
- Main gun scatter from 5m to 1.84m
- Penetration from 50 to 45
- Reduced target size from 20 to 14
Dshk Tank and Bunker starting positions:
- Increased penetration on DShk from 1 to 2.

German MG42:
- Increased nearby suppression multiplier from .4 -> .55. This applies 55% of the weapon’s suppression to nearby squads.
- Increased nearby suppression radius rom 10 -> 12
- Decreased reload duration from 6 -> 5
- Increased reload frequency from 5 -> 7

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Updates for June 17th, 2013

- Fixed crash errors
- Improved collection of diagnostic information
- Twitch sdk update (pending loalization changes)
- tooltips
-Cursor size and trails fix
- Autodetect settings fix
-Added button to driver popup for warning delay

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Updates for June 18th, 2013


- New Maps Added to Bring The MP Map List To

(4-6) Rzhev Winter
(2-4) Kholodny Ferma Winter Battlefield
(2-4) Prypiat River
(2-4) Minsk Pocket
(4) Moscow Outskirts Winter
(4-6) Oka River Winter
(6-8) Steppes
(6-8) City 17
(6-8) City 17 Winter Battlefield
(2-4) Kholodny Ferma
(2-4) Prypiat River Winter Battlefield
(4) Moscow Outskirts
(4-6) Rzhev

Balance Changes

Flame Halftrack 251:
- Burst duration reduced from 4 to 3 seconds.
- Reload duration increased from 0.5 to 3 seconds.

Reload Times:
- German howitzer barrage reduced from 90 to 85 seconds.
- Panzerwerfer barrage reduced from 60 to 48 seconds.
- Soviet howitzer barrage increased from 90 to 120 seconds.
- SU-76 Barrage increased from 60 to 80 seconds.
- Sector artillery increased from 60 to 136.

SU-76 Barrage weapon:
- Damage decreased from 120 to 80.


- Fixed some localization text
- Unlocked progression, Commanders, Intel Bulletins and Skins for all levels

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Update for June 19th, 2013


- Frame buffer optimization

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Updates for June 20th, 2013


- Getting a squad weapon while using an accessory weapon will now switch to the squad weapon when finished
- Dispatch not counting as 'building' a unit for intel bulletins
- Fixed squad inside a building doesn't obey attack order to attack a specific enemy squad
- User can now use mini map to dispatch units from the Commander Bar
- Shock Troops no longer lose any Picked up Weapons when the Squad is upgrade with PPSh-41 Sub Machine Guns
- The player now has to build the SU76 as well as all other tank types in order to gain the "[filtered]e of life" achievement
- Fixed german flame saturation ability
- Concrete Piercing Round Hotkeychanged
- Removing team weapon crew sight radius when abandoning the team weapon
- Adding Tool Tip for pop costs to the dispatch units
- Fixed a selection issue with resource and victory points in the world. They are smaller now and it's easier to move troops around the points
- Fixing t-70's self repair ability

Skirmish AI

- AIObjectives properly check current leash length before updating leash lengths and forcing a replan
- AIConstruction tasks give up when squads reach 51% health instead of 30% health
- AI now properly checks if a point is valid for capture and doesn't ignore points it owns that are being reverted
- Removed task targets from AI tasks because nothing used them
- When AI is looking for enemy squad clumps to attack, it will now fallback to clumps near squad if there are no clumps in the objective area
- When targeting clumps of squads, the AI now only targets clumps containing at least one stationary squad, and it targets the squad closest the centre instead of the clump centre
- Squads wanting to fallback due to cold will no longer count toward objective fallback
- AI stats system updates military points on the same frame it adds them so we no longer have new military points being invalid for one frame
- AI properly detects observation posts as valid military points
- Switch almost all AI code to use average combat ratings instead of instantaneous combat ratings to improve stability
- When searching for heat sources squads will now also check for heat sources nearby if they cannot find any nearby heat sources within combat range of their targets
- Cleaned up code for determining if AI squads have good targets so we can check if they currently have a good target or are assigned a good target
- Skirmish AI properly reserves resources and no longer accidentally buys cheap things.
- Skirmish AI builds less observation posts
- Skirmish AI no longer counts team weapon squads when determining if it needs more squads for capturing.
- Skirmish AI now tries to clump its squads together to attack the same target, and prefers to keep squads attacking targets near each other in general
- Skirmish AI now tries harder to prevent reassigning squads to different objectives
- Skirmish AI now scores objective targets based on how close the squads it needs are to the target
- Skirmish AI will now depending on AI difficulty level evaluate multiple objective targets for the best score before picking one

AI Updates

- AI coordinated move phase now uses setup locations as destinations instead of objective target like coordinated attack arrival phase to prevent path finding oscillations when switching between the two phases
- AI attack objective now properly recognizes squads capturing a point as not being idle and triggers the switch from the move stage to the engaged stage
- AI leader task no longer overrides the destinations of the follower tasks screwing up the coordinated attack arrival phase of objectives
- AI leader and follower tasks now have internal timers to reduce oscillation between move and idle states
- Tweaked AI difficulty settings
- Expert AI now gets more resource bonus.
- Easy and Standard AI now captures less of the map


Anti-tank Mine
- Reduced the time to plant the mine from 12 to 6 seconds
- Changed the ability to allow it to be targeted in the fog of war
- Removed the cooldown

Veterancy Change:
- Rates changed from 50%/50% (Damage applied / received damage) to 75%/25%
Anti-Tank grenades and Panzerfaust:
- Range reduced from 20 to 15

- Fixed ghosting in Twitch capturing
- Added default cursor to Twitch
- Added dynamic cursors to Twitch
- Truncate twitch stream title if too long
- Fixed access of deconstructed stack variable
- Fixed garbled Twitch video capturing on AMD machines
- Log Twitch chat errors to the chat log
- Fixed spelling mistake on Rzhed (Spring) description
- Fixed translation issues in non-English languages


- Connectivity fixes
- Change multicore check to be non-fatal. Force number of created threads to minimum of 2
- Dedreased sync errors
- Improved server connectivity
- Improved error messaging for steam connection issues
- Crash fixes
- Fix autodetect for the first time always giving out low settings
- Fix autodetect giving high settings always if the performance test fails
- Made cursors in vista larger (48x48 which is the maximum supported by vista)
- Addressed some audio and video bugs
- Added cancel button to compatiblity mode dialog, remode time delayed warning for compatibility mode and make it always warn the user
- Turn off mouse cursor trails and shadows in fullscreen mode to avoid invisible cursors in some systems
- Gramatically better error message for compatibility mode
- Updated some localization

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Updates for June 25th, 2013

• Fixed Commanders not being available in ToW missions

• Order 227 cinematic audio fix
• [Oka River Winter] - Removed 2 Neutral Combat Engineers near the West Fuel Point

• Balance changes from last week that didn’t make it into Day Zero:

Reload Times:
- German howitzer barrage reduced from 90 to 85 seconds.
- Panzerwerfer barrage reduced from 60 to 48 seconds.
- Soviet howitzer barrage increased from 90 to 120 seconds.
- SU-76 Barrage increased from 60 to 80 seconds.
- Sector artillery increased from 60 to 136.

Flame Halftrack 251:
- Burst duration reduced from 4 to 3 seconds
- Reload duration increased from 0.5 to 3 seconds

SU-76 Barrage weapon:
- Damage decreased from 120 to 80

Updates for June 26th, 2013


• Improved campaign stability
• Fixed bug causing game to exit after playing any mission
• Addressed issue where people would download more than expected after disk install

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Game Updates

• Additional campaign crash fixes
• AI attack move improvements.
• Fixed an issue where players would become stuck on Post Game Stats if they lost connection to Relic servers.
• Fixed a Theater of War Coop crash.