Company Of Heroes GCF


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Im looking everywhere for the Files for Company of Heroes. Just the Standalone GCF files or whatever It is that I need to Download it via Cracked Steam. Also Interested in the Jade Empire Files. I see a RapidShare link for JadeEmpire but it looks the Entire Game files. I just want the Bare Necessary files in order to download the game via A Cracked Steam. The Only Games I can Seem to download with Cracked Steam are RedOrchestra and DayofDefeat Source but since they are Multiplayer Games and it cannot connect to multiplayer Servers id say those are useless. Ive been searching multiple Threads in Multiple Forums and Reading almost every post only to get No where. A Little Help would be appreciated.
You have posted on the wrong section therefore I have to move the thread.

I will have a look around to see if I can find the gcf files for it.
Go ahead and delete the Thread all together. I knew I was posting in the wrong Section but After going Threw so many forums, and Post upon Post of Useless and/or outdated Information Im just getting a little frustrated with finding some stuff that I can use and needed to get a bit good information where to start. I see a Thread to request GCF patches but Im not sure if that is the Same as what Im looking for. Any help is appreciated. Also thanks for the quick response
123punisher123 dont bring old threads back if you dont have something new/important to say or contribute.