Could Someone Help Me?


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I was wondering if someone could show me how to crack a Silkroad bot program. You can download this from This is what I know about the program: It uses TheMida with ring0 protection. Isrobot isn't that weak and protected, you can't fish a "serial" or something like that,it connects to the bot server. Example ->

Bot : Please check this bot account for me ...username..lalala
Bot Server : Sorry but this bot account doesnt have any credits left ( auto training stay gray and you can't use bot.) Now you could force isro,to connect to your own server but you would need to learn about reversing and I know nothing about it. Thats all I got, please help me.
I would recommend getting wireshark and grabbing packets for a while. then narrow the view down to those that are going to the server and back. Next step is to locate the packets that are the Check Credits packets. those are what you will have to study for when you make your own server. Next step is to write out the protocol for communicating with their server. Then actually make a server to those specifications. And finally edit the dns that it connects to to localhost in your hosts file so that it connects to your server and not theirs.