Counter-Life - Stand-Alone Repack From 2013


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Counter-Life - Stand-Alone Repack From 2013
- by PaCmAn for the pacsteam forum
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Counter-Life - Stand-Alone Repack From 2013
The regular Half-Life game can also be played
I did this pack because I like Half-Life and Counter-Strike, and since
Counter-Life is a mix-up of both these games, I have always loved the
idea of having to use money in order to advance in the game, new effects,
better graphics etc. etc. But after the latest update of steam, this mod
haven't been working properly any more and is the reason for this pack.
Counter-Life is a single AND multiplayer Half-Life mod which combines Half-
Life with Counter-Strike so that all your diobolical dreams of
destruction can come true!
Counter-Life allows you to experience the legendary
Half-Life single player campaign and places an incredibly versatile
variety of destructive weapons at your disposal.
Counter-Life boasts many new and improved features
including dynamic lighting, dynamic blast physics,
wall-puffs, smoke, shrapnel and debri effects among countless
other engine tweaks and improvements.