Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Released

Release Notes for 11/15/2012

[ GOTV ]
-&nbspAs a GOTV client spectator, the flangbang effect from first person is now reduced a bit and there is now text that says "(BLINDED)"
-&nbspFixed overhead targetIDs not showing sometimes when spectating with XRay mode on.
-&nbspAdded a convar "cl_teamid_overhead_maxdist_spec" that can set the max distance overhead TargetIDs will show up when spectating
-&nbspChanged player target selection input from hardcoded number keys to keys bound to "slotN" commands.
-&nbspChanged X-Ray toggle key from hardcoded 'X' to whatever is bound for "radio2", which defaults to 'X'.
-&nbspFixed health/armor/ammo of the spectated target not being displayed as a GOTV client.
-&nbspMade bomb visible in GOTV clients' map overview at all times.
-&nbspFixed money not showing up in GOTV scoreboard for either teams.
-&nbspFixed flashbang effect flash retriggering when changing spectator target.
-&nbspFixed missing winpanel when GOTV spectating.
-&nbspRevised GOTV autodirector behavior.

[ MISC ]
-&nbspRepacked content to reduce CS:GO disk usage from 6GB to 4.8GB.
-&nbspImplemented separate sound for distant grenade explosions to make the distance easier to gauge. Sound crossfades near and distance sound between 800 and 2800 units.
-&nbspReduced audible distance of scope zoom.
-&nbspFire devices have been modified ( Molotovs and incendiary grenades ):
&nbsp&nbsp-&nbspFire can now be extinguished by smoke grenades and deployed smokes now deny fire device detonation and spreading.
&nbsp&nbsp-&nbspFire now spreads a bit faster and not quite as far.
&nbsp&nbsp-&nbspFire "tagging" slowdown has been removed.
&nbsp&nbsp-&nbspAdjusted fire armor penetration value.
-&nbspFixed Terrorists getting loser bonus payout for running down the clock. Now Terrorists get no income if the round timer runs out.
-&nbspArmor Penetration is now shown for weapons in the buy menu.
-&nbsp3rd person and first person default duck speed has been slightly increased.
-&nbspTapping the duck key frequently in short intervals will cause your duck to slow, but cools down very fast.
-&nbspSmoke grenade visibility inside a smoke has been reduced to give less advantage to players inside and more to players outside.
-&nbspDesign changes for Scoreboard
&nbsp&nbsp-&nbspAdded team names to scoreboard.
&nbsp&nbsp-&nbspMade score more prominent.
&nbsp&nbsp-&nbspWin banner states are now team specific.
-&nbspDesign change for win panel and alert messages.
-&nbspServer log changes:
&nbsp&nbsp-&nbspAdded xyz coordinates to messages.
&nbsp&nbsp-&nbspAdded nade messages.
&nbsp&nbsp-&nbspAdded team change messages.
&nbsp&nbsp-&nbspAdded 'assist' messages.
-&nbspFixed a case of loss of mouse and keyboard input.
-&nbspServer browser filter settings are now saved.
-&nbspBig Picture Support
&nbsp&nbsp-&nbspFixed not being able to dismiss server browser dialog with controller.
&nbsp&nbsp-&nbspAdded ability to disable all controllers.

Thanks to the following for input on the balance changes:
NiP, Ubinited, Team ALTERNATE, Area51, Mousesports, Anexis, FM.TOXiC, VeryGames, RegnaM.