Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Released

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    Release Notes for 12/6/2012

    [ MISC ]

    * Added support for using '?' instead of ':' in the 'connect' concommand so we can create URL links that connect to GOTV.
    * Fixed case where walking on stairs generated footsteps on the client but not on the server.
    * Fixed damage taken console report not reporting damage taken.
    * The spectator UI player bars and the ammo panel will now show individual player kills for the round.
    * In the buy menu, FIREPOWER now reflects raw weapon DAMAGE.
    * The value for the 'rate' convar is no longer read from Steam registry settings.
    * Fixed buy menu showing the wrong values for weapon armor penetration.
    * Kick/bans for tk'ing and team damaging are now controlled by mp_autokick.
    * Fixed part of the headshot particle effect drawing through walls.
    * Fixed radar and overview showing enemy icons for decoys indefinitely.
    * Number of GOTV viewers is now correctly calculated and networked through the chain of GOTV relays.
    * Fixed hearing a headshot sound when an enemy is burning from your molly/incgren fire.

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