Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Released

Release Notes for 12/12/2012

&nbsp-Merged elements of Volcano's DE_NUKE_VE map into standard DE_NUKE.
&nbsp-In the main menus, replaced mapgroup carousel with a map picker. Players can now select which maps they want to match-make into.
&nbsp-Maps in map picker show expected wait time.

[ MISC ]
&nbsp-Improved performance in CPU-bound cases.
&nbsp-Fixed missing ladder sound when moving at full speed on ladders.
&nbsp-Added support for muting microphone in play with friends lobby.
&nbsp-Fixed cases where spectator UI wouldn't appear during GOTV demo playback.
&nbsp-Fix for crash caused by extinguished fire.
&nbsp-ESC key now closes Server Browser dialog.
&nbsp-Made CHudMenu have input priority over Scaleform.
&nbsp-Reduced default vgui font size for resolutions >1600.
&nbsp-Whitelisted mp_match_restart_delay.
&nbsp-Limiting physics timestep to 64 to eliminate high tickrate physics bugs, such as bouncing guns.
&nbsp-Server no longer creates physics objects for players to reduce server cpu load. To re-enable, set cs_enable_player_physics_box to '1'.