Counter-Strike Global Offensive Update Released

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    Release Notes for 5/1/2013

    [ GAMEPLAY ]
    -Tweaked weapons
    &nbsp&nbsp&nbspDEAGLE: Reduced inaccuracy.
    &nbsp&nbsp&nbspMag-7: Increased cycletime. Increased cost.
    &nbsp&nbsp&nbspXM-1014: Increased ArmorRatio. Increased cycletime.
    &nbsp&nbsp&nbspUMP-45: Reduced price. Reduced recoil angle variance.
    &nbsp&nbsp&nbspMac-10: Increased maxspeed. Reduced price.
    -Classic Competitive now allows 2 flashbangs and 4 grenades total.
    -Implemented bodygroups penetration for maximum damage, now shooting through arms at the enemies head will apply headshot damage, or shooting through arms at the stomach will apply stomach damage multiplier.
    -Removed aimpunch resulting from getting shot in the arms or legs.
    -Auto switch when dropping a weapon (or after throwing a grenade) avoids weapons with 0 bullets in the clip.
    -Reduced environment fog when scoped with a weapon.

    [ MAPS ]
    -CS_Militia: Fixed collision in CT spawn, added radar names
    -CS_Assault: Added radar names
    -CS_Museum: Fixed and updated radar and overview scales.
    -DE_Library: Fixed bug where some clients would crash on bomb explosion.
    -DE_Favela: Fixed bug were a prop was causing server lag, other gameplay tweaks
    -DE_Seaside: Fixed bug were players would get stuck near Terrorist spawn.

    [ MISC ]
    -Weapon inventory HUD now displays the number of grenades held of a single type.
    -Fixed a sound bug that resulted in ghost footsteps when taking over bots.
    -Fixed player money getting set to the wrong value if the player took over a bot in competitive and survived to the end of the round.
    -Added a server convar "sv_maxusrcmdprocessticks" to limit maximum number of user commands backlog, defaulting at 3; observed player speed by others will now always be within max movement speed even when user is cheating, experiencing high packet loss or exteremely low fps.
    -Vote kick will record user's SteamID in the banlist and remove user from ongoing competitive match even if the user disconnected from game server before required number of votes have been collected.
    -Spectating Operation Payback games via GOTV is now allowed without Operation Payback pass.
    -Fixed crash on exit.

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