Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Released

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    Release Notes for 7/10/2013

    [ GAMEPLAY ]
    - Adjusted the function that mapped movement speed to weapon inaccuracy. The linear portion of this function is now exponential.

    [ MAPS ]
    - de_dust2: Fixed collision bug in Bombsite B, tweaked fog, fixed navmesh naming.

    [ MISC ]
    - Added support for more Unicode characters in player names.
    - Fixed a rare incorrect name truncation in the death notice feed, scoreboard and main menu.
    - Fixed truncation of the competitive maps selection when all maps were selected.
    - Smoke volume is now cheaper to render.
    - Players that spawn and don't move for longer than sv_spawn_afk_bomb_drop_time (default 15 seconds) will automatically drop the bomb. Thanks GreenTea!

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