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Discussion in 'Support & Help' started by xX_Shawn_Xx, June 29, 2007.

  1. xX_Shawn_Xx

    xX_Shawn_Xx New Member

    If anyone could upload this i would be really happy :p (lol). But the newest, the old didn't works :(

    Thank you
  2. rpgangsta

    rpgangsta New Member

  3. xX_Shawn_Xx

    xX_Shawn_Xx New Member

    hmmm didn't works with steam... i think this just works with Steamrip? or something ... :confused:

    Look i just want CS:S for the Garry's Mod models, because i can't have them without having cs:s ... :mad:

    If anyone knows a way to get the CS:S models work for Garry's Mod then tell it to me or post it here please.

    AND, if this works with steamrip? then I'll test it. :D

    EDIT: Thank you rpgangsta
  4. Insanehl

    Insanehl Full Member

    Extract the models from the CSS GCF to a folder named Counter-Strike Source/cstrike/models and it should work fine.

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