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Hello I'm cr4shc0de,
Yes um lets see were to begin, i am 15 years old,I made Xcore gaming (but you never herd of them i bet),I try to supplies the item that someone may need, I will be Faith full and Generous to anyone i run into, and more! application

time on Pc: 3:30 Pm - 2:00 AM
[Unless I'm at Detention]
Position Applying for: Forum Moderator/Administrator

Xcore site :

Right after this I'm going to go read the rules!

Yes I agree to the EULA

HAHA that's all I have to say... and again haha.... Um next time make a more professional looking application and yea you think that because your new they are going to give you the position man gain some respect and Post more...
Hello cr4shc0de,
you joined today and apply then for a position? Well. first of all you just made 7 posts and we don't even know you.
We should know you more and you should help more the community with programs ( like you told) like you said?
I don't believe that you get a position, like Moderator or something like this. Program some useful programs for the community and show more trust and then you can apply for a position as coder ;).
Show us your program "skills" :confused:.
wow... dude if i didn't support Ray there is no way im supporting this... sorry mate but what were you thinking?
As so i will then =-P
i will make friends and Programs that are advance.

Firstly becoming a mod you would need to be active to start of with. Ray would make the postion way before you do. Secondly you said "programs in that quote, If that is the case please provide proof of your advancement in programming.

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