CrimeCraft Updated

* Now AI takes Explosion Dampening Field into account, tosses less explosives inside of it and less likely use explosive weapon if a target is inside a field.
* Added new ability for Champion Aggressors - they can use Explosion Dampening Field now.

* Removed Warden, Slayer and Specialist Lottery Tickets from Black Market. Added different Lottery Tickets for each epic weapon, armor set and combat AUG.
* Added 12 new fully attached guns in the lottery.
* Added 5 new epic cloth sets in the lottery.

* All Assault Rifles have been rebalanced.
* Hargan Bulldog, Oslo Ares, Exeter Noyau, Silver&Smith A2M5 and Oslo Odin SR stats improved.
* R-Sys Leopard Sigma rate of fire decreased.
* Chimera and Strand boosts have been rebalanced.
* Fixed the issue when the Regenerative Auto-Injector cooldown wasn't activated correctly.
* Fixed the issue that some Valley Forge assault rifles had wrong parameters.
* Fixed the issue when Death Dealer class resistances were too low when in a match.

* Now player can use "use all" feature for a stack of containers or lottery tickets and open them all in one click.
* Added an option to check ammo, boosts and ability AUGs before signing into a match. Players can find the option in the Options -> Game menu.
* There is no locked ATM tabs anymore. All locked ATM tabs become unlocked. Significantly increased the number of ATM tabs a player can purchase for gold bars. Players can't purchase ATM tabs for in-game cash anymore.
* Fixed the issue when players lost a shootout match when they score a draw.
* Fixed the issue when one sees that it's possible to purchase an unavailable boost from item shop.
* Fixed some issues with icons and text colors in the class shop and in the item shop.

See the full list of new features, improvements and bug fixes on the