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    * Added another tab in the Coin Operator shop where players can purchase new "season 2" tournament rewards.
    * Reduced the prices for "season 1" tournament rewards.
    * Added 6 slot guns in the game.
    * Added new category of attachments in the game: the Breechblocks.
    * Now players can craft 6 slot guns, "season 1" tournament rewards, Tier 6 patches and more.
    * Added "season 2" lottery weapons, clothing sets and patches on Black Market.
    * Added 3 additional class ranks for all classes.

    * Increased the chance of finding Tier 5 Rare ingredients from Containers and from loot.
    * Now players can find Tier 5 Gold ingredients in loot sometimes.
    * Increased the chance of finding Uncommon Containers in Stockpile.
    * Now Hammers in Stockpile have a chance to drop Uncommon Container instead of Common.
    * Now players have a chance to find Rare Rank V Containers in PvE when playing on level 50 on Hard difficulty. Players will find Tier 5 Gold ingredients from these Containers.
    * Increased the chance of finding Rank V Containers when playing PvE matches on level 50 on Hard difficulty.
    * Players can't find Rank III Containers when playing PvE matches on level 50 on Hard difficulty anymore.

    * A number of balance improvements.
    * Now players see red "already known" text mark on craft recipe items if they already learned that craft recipe.
    * Added the information about items being bound to a gang on the Essence of Patch and Gang Buffs tooltips.
    * Now players can unequip Lottery and Black Market Gold Lobby AUGs without destroying them.
    * Now all Lottery items are sold in separate Lottery Tickets.
    * Increased the amount of monthly PvP Ladder rewards up to 50 Gold Coins for 1st place.
    * Added monthly Reputation Ladder rewards. 1st place in the monthly Reputation Ladder will get 15 Bronze Coins.
    * Now players can purchase up to 20 class profiles and 20 custom profiles.
    * Added a Booster that increases Tournament Rewards by 50%.
    * Added 9 new Premium Signatures.
    * Now players can purchase additional Inactive Gang Buff slots.
    * Fixed the collision issue in South Canal Spillway Robbery when a player was able to hide in a trash bin.
    * Fixed the issue when team-mates respawn removes nearby friendly Proximity Mines.

    See the full list of new features, improvements and bug fixes on the

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