Crusader Kings II Update Released

2013-07-04: v1.103

- Fixed incorrect AI reasoning text string "X is my lover"
- Fixed a tooltip bug in the effect 'gender_succ'
- Corrected some text bugs
- It is no longer possible to start building Theodosian walls outside of Constantinople
- Wikipedia links should now work on linux

- Changed the way levies reinforce (to fix a rounding bug.) This will overall reduce levy reinforcement rates a bit.
- Tech spread no longer gets stuck at 5
- Patricians with no landed holdings now correctly get some random courtiers (which they can, for example, marry)
- Euboia is no longer "Ocean" terrain
- Westfriesland is no longer "Ocean" terrain
- You can no longer become a truce breaker from failed imprisonments or title revokations, or wars from events, plots or factions
- 867: Gave Almos, the ruler of the Magyars, and his son Arpad scripted traits
- 867: Slightly strengthened the initial Magyar army
- Kingdoms with a king can now also de jure drift into empires
- Independent kingdoms can no longer drift out of their de jure empires
- Added Zoroastrian Crusade target weights to appropriate titles
- Human played vassals of the Magyars now get to keep their Ukrainian lands when Hungary forms
- Added level three Castle Fortifications to Constantinople
- Boosted the heavy infantry morale bonus given by the Aztec Jaguar Warrior Lodge
- Fixed a crash with deleted characters in a title's previous holder list
- The Seljuks now appear a bit further south, in Dashhowuz rather than Kyzylorda
- Fixed a bug where creating a kingdom or empire would not always initialize Crown Laws correctly
- Fixed raised armies being counted twice for max troops calculations used by some interfaces and some AI calculations
- Fixed an issue with save game corruption after loading a game and saving before unpausing

- Fixed a bug where patrician AI would go braindead for a long time after resign/reload
- Fixed an issue where, in many cases, under Gavelkind the AI would not create a second duchy even to form a kingdom
- Fixed a bug in the diplo AI where it would consider other lowborn characters to be its own dynasty
- Tweaked cross-religion Pagan marriage acceptance