CS 1.6 name glitch


FS Owner
Here's sumthing a little fun for cs 1.6 ( not tested in source ).

Join any server and say your name is "CSkiller" .. whatever .. Then change your name with quotes to "&CSkiller&"

Now press tab and your name will be tiny, then change your name back to normal "CSkiller" or any name you choose.. and your name will still be tiny.

When the map changes youll have to do it again, and randomly sometimes it doesnt work..works for me 90% of the time.

( Sorry if this is old, I just discovered it yesterday biggrin.gif )

Oh yeah.. common sense.. if people see you doing it in a server there gonna copy you and its not hard to figure out ;D
This works in css and most other games... but now heaps of people know it and its getting old :(
Who said its private? and some people might like it and just found out about this =p

Take a chill pill ^__^
Yeah.. We had a wave at my usual server where like 1/2 of all the noobs used it, they only didnt change it back, but left the &'s..
bind "keyyouwanttouse" "name &yournamehere&; wait; wait; name yournamehere"

Makes it pretty easy so you don't have to go to your options to change it. And when I was just typing this at the end of the sentence I put a " instead of a period lol.