cs 1.6 scripts


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Hi all. I have opened this thread because i need cs 1.6 scripts(hacks)
example: cs 1.6 no smoke.. or... whatever cool scripts .. I think all of you need cs 1.6 scripts like no smoke ... or anything else..


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yeah i hope ... this thears will have lot of great scripts...http://youtube.com/watch?v=756CjFuLXKg -> no-recoil script.. this is no cheaat.. is script..

It's not helpful unless osmeone post the script
//Horndog's Simple Anti-Recoil Script
alias +r "+lookdown; +attack"
alias -r "-lookdown; -attack"
alias r12 "cl_pitchspeed 1.2"
alias r35 "cl_pitchspeed 3.5"
alias r09 "cl_pitchspeed 0.09"
alias r2 "cl_pitchspeed 2"
alias r22 "cl_pitchspeed 2.2"
alias pisr "cl_pitchspeed 1"
alias ak "alias rifr r35"
alias ps2 "alias rifr r2"
alias mp5r "alias rifr r12"
alias asnip "alias rifr r009"
alias para "alias rifr r22"
bind f1 "cl_pitchspeed 3.5; ak"
bind f2 "cl_pitchspeed 2; ps2"
bind f3 "cl_pitchspeed 1.2; mp5r"
bind f4 "cl_pitchspeed 1; pisr"
bind f5 "cl_pitchspeed 0.09; asnip"
bind f6 "cl_pitchspeed 2.2; para"
bind 1 "slot1; rifr"
bind 2 "slot2; pisr"
bind mouse1 +r
echo "F1=AK F2=OtherGuns F3=SMG F4=Pistol F5=AutoSniper F6=Para"
//Horndog's Simple Anti-Recoil Script
//Modified by Supremespeed, the lil echo thing ^_^

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I had an auto-pistol script but I lost it. Second, I forgot where I got it. But I'm working on it, its just somewhere in my userconfig.cfg.


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so where should i put this script explain simple for a nood...
Nice bump ;)

go to your config and put it in there :)
where is this config and then how to put it there to replace it or in another document and how to create this document