Dark Messiah of Might & Magic SP GCFs


FS Member
I was wondering if anyone could upload the GCFs for Dark Messiah which are:

* mm_engine_pub.gcf
* mm_levels_public.gcf
* mm_materials_a_pub.gcf
* mm_materials_b_pub.gcf
* mm_materials_c_pub.gcf
* mm_media.gcf
* mm_models_pub.gcf
* mm_sound_lang_en_pub.gcf
* mm_sound_pub.gcf

They are about 6.6 GB and I can't afford to download that much at a time, I was wondering if anyone could upload it compressed or something within those lines. Try and get the file size as low as possible. Also can you put it on a torrent? It'll be easy for the uploader as well. Thanks heaps!:eek: