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When you download a demo from the original Steam (, that demo usually comes with a preload of that game. (for example HL2 comes with the complete preloaded HL2). Instead of downloading many parts of a GCF/NCF maybe you should try out my idea. The preloaded full game (GCF) and the demo will be in your steamapps folder. Just use SteamClient or any other workable program to open them. There you go!

That worked for me. I'm not sure if some of the games work or not.
Yep no P0rtal & EP2 demos at the moment, maybe never so download the GCFs i u like the games or wait until valve put then into cafe and download it with ProxyNetwork by WWIII
(EP1 are in cafe so i think in some time ep2 and portal too)
There is a portal demo out now, "Portal The First Slice" does anyone want to try download that and see if you can download the fullgame with cracked steam? I have got Portal gcfs already and don't want to delete just to try this.

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