and invites !


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OK, here we go with more private torrents invites! and invites ! PM me for more details !!!
Guys I really like the forums, but could you please give me your email first and them pm me, because I already have like 20 PM's and all of them just saying, invite me, but please give me your email first and then ask ! please!
i may be willing to give out some invites aswell..i have a ratio of 5+ in demonoid so i should be good to go and invites !

same as above :) torrentleech invite for invite to pussytorrents :) and invites !

Hello all :)

New to FreeSteam, and to torrents in general (used to relying on rapidshare!).
Wondering if anyone would be willing to give me a pussytorrent invite? I haven't any invites to offer, apart from demenoid, which i gather is not worth much, though not entirely sure! [email protected]

Guys,why do you ask in this thread?
This thread isn't about giving away free invites... and invites !

I have demonoid already and a good ratio.
However I would love to get an invite to
please let me know if this is possible.

email: [email protected]

Sorry, Jake. I read the posts' above, and assumed that this was the thread to ask in! Is there a specific thread to ask in, or is asking a no no altogether?

Unfortunately, I have'nt got any invites to trade with, until i get invited into tracker sites to obtain some myself. Nature of the beast I suppose! and invites !

I would more than please get an PT invite, i dont have any on TL atm but my stats on TL are atm: Ratio: 2.597 Uploaded: 6.64 TB Downloaded: 2.56 TB

So =] I know how to upload aswell ^^.

Mail: [email protected]