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Hello, I and some other people (d22552000, coolcast2, h3ll_f1r3) have started a website (steam hacking)

It is brand new, and there are very few members. We are working on an AWESOME steam-type client that will let you play all steam games on all servers LEGALLY. It currently costs money, and it is still in its alpha stages of development, but it is almost complete. :D No joke.

I would like to affiliate with freesteam as I believe that we can learn off of each other, and all of us would benefit.

The client name will be "GamePipe". XD

I can't wait to hear a response! :D
mikhaili911 put your url's as real urls ;). And not jsut as text :D. btw. why is the forum reffering at another website/forum? Isnt it on the same Server? uhm... How bad.
yep, i just decided that i might as well help both freesteam and brokenvalve develop some more... what can i say... XD
well, dont beleive it. Ray registered on my forums, and when the client is released, he will be one of the first to use it. Ask him then. XD
ermm no thanks since i have better things to do than release a crack for steam which lasts 2 days then gets patched. ;)
HAHA no let me reprhase what mike wants to say

First of all ITS NOT another steam shitty crack plus it doesnt have to do with steam!
What our forum leader is doing is hes making something from scratch something like steam but managed in a different way meaning once you buy your account ull get acces to all the games plus acces to all steam servers plus our hosted server thats what we are developing its not a patch crack or whatever u want to call lol so yea we dont really care if you dont want to try it we are not here to fight we are here just to affililiate thats all :D
The client is this:
It is a steam client that connects to one of our own servers, which have a copy of what the steam servers have. So, you can play on our servers, or on steam's original servers. It is basically a copy of all of steam.
Unpatchable. XD
oh lol, it doesnt have to do with steam, because it is a seperate steam-type client. XD

anyway, u will care l8er, when it will be released, and we will be charging a fee to use it. XD
derek, if you would actually READ u would see that it is new, and needs improvement. Think before insulting a-hole. Ray and WWIII signed up, but obviously you are too good to be on my forum.

iso, i said the people who started it, not who joined it. ;)
lol do you know what your actualy making lol, enough flaming cant be borthered.
btw why would i care even IF you did release it and start charging, means your have alot of angry customers when it gets patched or steam change there server files etc and you cant do anything about it.
...whatever, i guess its no use explaining. *groan*

100% Legal
100% Working

It's not a CRACK, so there is nothing to PATCH. There is no VULNERABILITY, it's just a copy of THE STEAM MASTER SERVERS.

I am not angry, just explaining. XD

...And I hate flaming more than anything. If I see a flamer, I will hate him for life.
Mike dude, just let it go, the client is not important

What we want is affiliation not people flaming at us, forget this whole client thing and just worry about affiliation, and for those that don't like keep their comments and Don't post because either way its spam and your comments are useless.
so what happens when steam change there server side files to disable your app, just a comment thats all because ive been with fs over a year and seen many releases fail and not do to good.

Ive said this before......... Valve(Steam) Vs Youguys
Thats a major corperation Vs script kiddies (sorry for the term). Good Luck is all i can say.
You have a P4csteam related forum? GTFO
no its not p4csteam related, its just a steam hacking forum, like freesteam or

And yes, I will stop talking about the client. Coolcast, whats with the sudden accusation of spamming?

Anyway, I am waiting for WWIII to read this and decide whether we will affiliate.
on threads like these, i sit back, relax, and watch the flames fly. I MUST INTERVENE! I MUST HELP! I MUST-o wait...TF2 updates are done downloading! see ya guys

Flaming ensues when outrageous claims are made without a shred of proof, when someone says something blatantly false, or when someone is being a dumb-ass. I would say it is the first of these that is the reason in this case.
Don't think so simply for the content, and the site layout. I don't personally like it, and find that it is unprofessional to use a subdomain over the domain you own.
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