Difference Between # digit and # digit?


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What the say a 6 digit and 8 digit account? Like advantages, disadvantages? Like is one better than the other, or more easily bannable? i don't get the difference.
Hey, use the search function. I made a post like this a lil while back.

Not meant in a mean way just lettin u know;)
A 6 digit means you have a large epenis, nothing more.

Muahah and I have 2. =D

As far as the true differences, there arent any. 6 digit just means that person registered their CD key earlier than an 8 digit. From what I have seen that is. For the most part online all I see nowadays are 7+ digit accounts. The occasional 6 digit and the random less than 6 digit that still play online.

Neither is better than the other.

But there is one hitch to the 7+ digit account. If you join a server with players of 6 digits or less, chances are they will type status in console and watch whichever player is pwning. In this case I will say you are destroying with 6+ kills a round 4 headshots. You are more likely to be spectated by admins and other players due to them swearing you cheat.