Difference Between # digit and # digit?

Discussion in 'Steam Discussion' started by Insanehl, May 19, 2008.

  1. Insanehl

    Insanehl Full Member

    What the say a 6 digit and 8 digit account? Like advantages, disadvantages? Like is one better than the other, or more easily bannable? i don't get the difference.
  2. flv1333

    flv1333 FS Member

    Hey, use the search function. I made a post like this a lil while back.

    Not meant in a mean way just lettin u know;)
  3. FSOwner

    FSOwner FS Owner

    A 6 digit means you have a large epenis, nothing more.
  4. ArucarD

    ArucarD Respected

    Muahah and I have 2. =D

    As far as the true differences, there arent any. 6 digit just means that person registered their CD key earlier than an 8 digit. From what I have seen that is. For the most part online all I see nowadays are 7+ digit accounts. The occasional 6 digit and the random less than 6 digit that still play online.

    Neither is better than the other.

    But there is one hitch to the 7+ digit account. If you join a server with players of 6 digits or less, chances are they will type status in console and watch whichever player is pwning. In this case I will say you are destroying with 6+ kills a round 4 headshots. You are more likely to be spectated by admins and other players due to them swearing you cheat.
  5. Also the lower the digit number the more money people will buy it for.
  6. Insanehl

    Insanehl Full Member

    Alright thanks for the information.

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