Do you know your place?



i like the back of the bus better then the front... we have this whole social ladder and the highest usually sits at the back on teh middle seat. i got it all of grade 12 :p shit yeah
omg , yes I like to sit at the back it's some kind of a better and cooler :D on a 2nd floor bus is so cool :D like we have it here in London...

But if you are with friends that's not a problem to sit at the back...

but if you are alone you better sit somewhere on the 1st floor .. :D fuk1n niggaz are everywhere robbing everyone shiit.. :D
happened to me once they took my phone mothafuckaaaz :D

and the 2nd and 3rd time they didn't hav no chance :p
It was a cool pic that is no longer there... Don't bring up old shit please :)