Do you need all three games...


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I installed Gmod 9.0.4. and it said i needed all three games ( Half Life 2, Half life 2: Deathmatch, and counterstrike: source). Is this true???? b/c I only have Half life 2: Deathmatch and a demo of half life 2!!!:confused:


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First of all, this is the Tutorial section...... And this isn't a tutorial...

Second of all, what are you saying? I can easily install Gary's Mod in Cracked Steam without downloading GCF or NCF and run it.

Just get SteamUp for you steam. Run SteamUp, then find Gary's Mod and double click it. It should auto install, then after its done, it should pop out to the top within the section of Installed Games. Double click Gary's Mod and it should auto matically run