Dota 2 Update - April 25th, 2013

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    - Enabled Drow and Tusk in Captain's Mode (Tournament Version)
    - Enabled Bristleback, Slark and Skywrath Mage in Captain's Mode (Latest Version)
    - Brewmaster: Fixed primal splits not always starting with the correct unit selected.
    - Skywrath Mage: Fixed hitbox being too small.
    - Slark: Fixed Shadow Dance giving Slark flying vision.
    - Slark: Fixed Shadow Dance granting passive bonuses to Slark illusions.
    - Slark: Fixed an issue causing Shadow Dance's passive modifier to not update in the UI, despite being active.
    - Slark: Fixed Dark Pact continuing while Slark is dead.
    - Slark: Essence Shift counters on both Slark and enemy heroes will show the total duration ( i.e. the time that the most recent stack will expire.)
    - Slark: Fixed a number of incorrect spell interactions with Dark Pact.
    - Slark: Fixed a number of horizontal movement ability interactions with Pounce.
    - Troll Warlord: Fixed Berserker's Rage bonus damage not being applied as base damage.
    - Tusk: Fixed Frozen Sigil not affecting magic immune units.

    - All Defense 2 War Dogs are now Vintage quality.
    - Dota 2 Vintage quality items can now be traded on the Steam Community Marketplace.


    - Added HUD Skins to the Workshop Importer.

    - Reduced CPU usage for rendering

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