Dota 2 Update - August 2nd, 2018

We’ve heard a bunch of complaints from the community after the recent treasure was released, and we wanted to walk you through how things unfolded from our end.

On Tuesday after the release, we heard the community being concerned if there were bugs with the item drops, with many examples of people not getting the Witch Doctor set but having the Phantom Assassin and Outworld Devourer sets. We looked into it to see if there were any differences between the drop rates of those items, and found that all three were identical, so we just assumed it was anecdotal cases and selection bias. Another contributing factor is that the volume of Treasure 3 is meaningfully less than Treasure 1 and 2, partly because a lot of customers bought the Weekend Bundle Sale and that did not include Treasure 3 (as is the case historically). So it would then be expected that a number of people would have some items and not the others, and that the Witch Doctor set would be the most rare.

However, the complaints continued to come in, and it was confusing to us why. We decided to investigate a bit more, but were generally still assuming it was a mixture of selection bias and supply differences between Treasure 1 and 2 and Treasure 3, especially since we knew the three items were identical. Late last night we eventually found a bug that existed for all the Immortal treasures this season. It primarily affected players who opened a very large number of treasures, causing the drop rates to not escalate as quickly as they did last year. And since the volume of Treasure 3s were lower than the other two, it was a more visible bug to players.

As a result of this, this morning we started working on fixing this. We are re-running the rolls for players on Immortal Treasure 1, 2 and 3, and will be granting the items shortly as well as fixing the bug for unopened treasures. We will also be giving all Battle Pass owners 10 extra levels.

In addition to this, we’ve also heard the community being unhappy at the content of the level 615 reward. As part of this update, we are adding an extra bundle of treasures at level 615. It’ll include 4 Immortal Treasure 1, 4 Immortal Treasure 2, and 4 Immortal Treasure 3.