Dota 2 Update - January 11th, 2017

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    - Fixed CTRL Clicking on certain units not selecting them all.
    - Added “Quick Move” option to settings.
    - Fix a bug where Monkey King soldiers and Arc Warden Tempest Doubles were not being created if the player was disconnected.
    - Fixed bug in unit-specific keybinds. When you bound an action to a key, previous actions bound to that key would not be unbound.
    - Smart double tap in Legacy Key mode now works for the correct keys for Invoker’s invoked spells (such as alacrity's "Z") instead of "D" or "F" depending on the slot.
    - Fixed the ping and fps display in 4x3 aspect ratios.
    - Fixed Shop overlapping Stash bug.
    - Fixed KDA overlapping Meepo, Lone Druid and Arc Warden multiunit portraits.
    - Fixed item purchasing blocking mouse clicks.
    - Fixed several tooltip issues.
    - Fixed spectator dropdowns grabbing input focus while closed.
    - Players no longer display "has connected to to the game" in chat at the start of hero selection.
    - Rich presense is now correctly cleared or restored when changing the Offline setting in Steam friends.
    - Fixed some chat notifications not appearing for spectators (such as rune pickups)
    - Fixed ARDM to display respawns remaining instead of kill count on the top bar.
    - Ability Draft: Heroes' picked abilities now show up in a tooltip when hovering over their top bar hero icon.
    - Fixed Dota icon in Linux desktop notifications.
    - Added Mac and Linux notifications for pause/unpause, party and lobby invitations.
    - Normalized volume for voice chat.
    – SFM: Fixed game recording.

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