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Dota 2 Update - July 26th, 2013

Discussion in 'Steam Updates' started by FSOwner, July 27, 2013.

  1. FSOwner

    FSOwner FS Owner

    - Made hero loadout model preview bigger in the main menu.
    - Added practice lobby button to swap Radiant and Dire teams.
    - Limited number of selectable matchmaking regions to six.
    - New users are able to watch live games before completing the tutorials.
    - Wins and level are now hidden for players that aren't friends and don't have 'Share Match History' in the options enabled
    - Fixed keybindings not being saved properly for Xbox controllers
    - Added Dire courier icons to minimap for Spectators
    - Fixed a crash when selecting all units while spectating
    - Fixed dota_embers convar value being forgotten when the game is restarted
    - Spectators can select wards to see their vision or truesight radius.
    - Added Xbox controller support for Dota TV
    Left / right bumper = Cycle back or forward through the heroes on the field
    Start button = Pause (Replay only)
    Back button = Rewind (Replay only)
    D-Pad up / down = Cycle through stats dropdown menu
    D-Pad left / right = Slow down or speed up replay speed
    Y button = Show gold graph
    X button = Show XP graph
    B button = Dismiss open graphs, reset playback speed, revert camera to previous mode (after cycling heroes)

    - Reduced average wait time and reduced incidence of extremely long wait times

    - Added further explanation of International Fantasy Challenge rules.
    - Exposed the roles of players in International Fantasy Challenge Bench slots.
    - Completing the creation of an International Fantasy Challenge team now grants you the Mammoth mount for your Smeevil.
    - Completing all the Main Event Predictions now grants you the Bird mount for your Smeevil.

    - Made the chat wheel work
    - Added intro movie for new users, fixed black screen displaying for new users
    - Fixed bugs with some tooltips missing text on what abilities do
    - Fixed outline color of target units to match what Windows shows
    - Fixed some rendering issues
    - Fixed some crashes
    - A variety of performance improvements
    - Fixes to audio (silence, crashes)
    - Mac: More robust mouse grab
    - Mac: Allow setting "Unit Speech" to "All" in audio settings.
    - Linux: Fixed hang when pasting from the clipboard under certain conditions

    - Fixed some issues with base attack sound modifier (e.g. Tiny's Scepter attacks)
    - Adjusted limits on Chen ult target sounds

    - Tusk: Fixed minor inaccuracies with his Base Strength, Attack Animation and Turn Rate
    - Meepo: Fixed Geostrike not affecting units like Spirit Bear
    - Morphling: Fixed being the Replicate illusion buff icon being visible to enemy players
    - Morphling: Fixed being unable to control the first Juxtapose illusion created by your Phantom Lancer Replicate
    - Shadow Demon: Fixed Demonic Purge killing summoned units like Warlock's Golem
    - Shadow Demon: Fixed Shadow Poison damage release not having a cast point
    - Fixed a minor inaccuracy with Meepo and Ogre Magi's base armor

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