Dota 2 Update - June 12th, 2018

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    * Added new post-game screen which shows progress made in your battle pass.
    * Dota Plus, Cavern Crawl and Battle Pass post-game screens can be skipped by clicking anywhere on the screen
    * Added section on the home page battle pass cell showing available Battle Pass activities
    * Added an indicator on the home page Dota Plus cell if you have rewards available to claim
    * Fixed a bug which allowed alt-clicking on items in an enemy inventory to reveal the current number of charges, through fog of war.
    * Fixed a bug which caused in-game tipping particles to reveal which illusion was the real hero.
    * Helm of the Dominator converted neutrals now have the same hotkey
    * Fixed the gold hover tooltip displaying inaccurate buyback surplus
    * Fixed a bug that would cause players to be stuck in Battle Cup
    * Added Compute Shaders option to the Video Settings for DirectX 11 and Vulkan. Compute shaders improve performance under most configurations.
    * Networking for locally-hosted private lobbies always routes through new SDR relay network
    * Improved ping estimates and host selection for custom game lobbies without dedicated servers

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