Dota 2 Update - May 21st, 2013

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    - Elder Titan: Fixed Ancestral Spirit giving vision to Elder Titan while dead.
    - Elder Titan: Fixed Earth Splitter being placed slightly too far forward.
    - Elder Titan: Fixed Natural Order not getting upgraded on the Ancestral Spirit if it was already in the air.
    - Elder Titan: Fixed Natural Order sometimes not getting applied before Ancestral Spirit's damage.
    - Ursa: Fixed Fury Swipes stack getting dispelled with Magic Immunity

    - Added vsync support to windowed modes
    - Reduced memory fragmentation

    - There are now 6 broadcaster channels
    - Added map ping throttling for communication banned players

    - Now highlights Compendiums that are gifts from other players.
    - Updated with new stretch goals.
    - Prize pool now displays how much the Compendium owner has contributed.
    - Fixed an issue where the Smeevil Courier view counter was not updating correctly.

    - Particles on unusual couriers work again.
    - Strange items that count things other than kills work again.

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