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Hi! Today iv'e did a check if my computer is requiring all the stuff for css!

And iv'e did it and 9 of 10 stuff were ok!

But my driver needed a update! I clicked on the link and i came to a website i did not know what to do! So could some one help me! It's looked like this!

Your ATI display drivers are currently out of date
For updated drivers, click here
Display Adapter: RADEON X600 Series
Display Version:
Recommended Driver Version: 8.282
Recommended Driver Date: 08/21/2006
Severity: Very High

So if some one could help me i will be verry happy! Send a link to this topic or to me!
The solution : get nvidia!

ahah very funny Echo :p ATI is still good for a cheap but decent card, Nvidia does pwn dx10 though 8800gtx ftw


FIRST of all uninstall your old drivers
Go here and select your pc hardware/software and download the driver for your card


Alternatively (prefered by me, I use these) You can use a modded driver set. Modded driver sets are generally tweak files from the originals in hope of bringing better performance to the system.
Go here
And download that one if you want tweaked drivers

Whatever you do DO NOT download and install BOTH choose one and unless you know what you're doing, do not attempt to change once installed
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