Drop that Beat Like an Ugly Baby Update Released

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    June 10th, 2013 -- Ugly Baby Update -- What Year Is It?!

    This is an interesting build! So interesting, we didn’t want to hold it from you any longer. There are a *lot* of ideas cooking in here. If you’ve been following along on the blog, we spent a couple weeks crunching on some ideas. There were a bunch of ups and downs, mostly downs … because we’re falling... that’s a BASE jumping joke guys, we had a great time.

    NEW LEVELS: Dave and Ichiro have been working on tying music and level design together (see levels 3-1 and 4), making sure levels change over time so as to allay boredom (see level 3), and have added tutorials (levels 1 and 2).

    STORY: Azumi Pentak, 27, Boston Sky. Only daughter of Gertrude Pentak and Azumi Azahi. Punched her musical jury and went into Machine Intelligence. Blind by birth. Hacks her vision.

    TWITCH.TV: HOLY MOLY! NEW FANGLED TECHNOLOGY THAT LETS YOU STREAM RIGHT FROM THE GAME! NO EXTRA SOFTWARE NEEDED! We even put a neat catchphrase on the setup screen for them: “Sign Up. Login. Broadcast.” We should probably charge them for that. Give it a whirl: sign up with them at http://twitch.tv/, and login in the game to give it a try.

    As always, tell us what you love, what you hate, and leave some links of your Twitch streams!


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