Drop that Beat Like an Ugly Baby Update Released

July 3rd, 2013 -- Ugly Baby Update -- /es4H81Qj

Michael here! This update is filled with things that you guys have been asking for, so I hope you’re happy! (When I read that line to myself, the voice is a guilt-tripping grandmother. I really don’t mean it like that, though.)

FILEBROWSER: ID3 support. Song duration. Scrollbars. Mouse wheel support. CAN YOU CONTAIN YOURSELF?

NEW MENU: I’ve done a quick overhaul of the main menu. It’s still a long way from complete, but this should alleviate some of the resolution issues users were having with smaller resolutions. This will be evolving in look and feel over time, but it’s the start on my thoughts of how Azumi will interact with data before and after her jumps.

BUG FIXES: We’ve hopefully fixed some issues with Beatbox and PCG that was breaking level loading for some of you. Try the game out again and let us know if you’re back in the action. I also snuck a little optimization in there when Dave and Ichiro weren’t looking.

With this update, there are no immediate changes to gameplay or level creation. We’re planning on hunkering down for the next few weeks to try some different gameplay ideas that we’ve been cooking up. Many of them are inspired by the amazing conversation that’s been going on, so keep on talking to us!

As always, tell us what you love, what you hate, and what third question I should have finished this post with.