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Counter Strike Source


This is a Half Life 2 Source game so your required to install half life 2 from your Cracked Steam.

Actual File Name
counter-strike source client.gcf

Just download the file and put in your "steamapps" folder.

The "steamapps" folder is located at Computer/C: Drive/Programs/Steam/

Once you have put the file in the "steamapps" folder open up your Cracked Steam and start downloading Counter Strike Source.

If you do not know what a cracked steam client is. "click here to find out"

/*Download Counter Strike Source Client*/

Sorry for the ads on hosting site. P.S. Nothing I can do about it :D.

If you have any queries please dont hesitate to ask I will try answer them as best as I can and as soon as possible :).

If this shows up as a virus on your computer delete as fast as possible ( My computer says its fine )

P.S. This is my first time at attempting this if the file does not work for you don't go nuts :eek:.
Not open for further replies.