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  1. Donxpro

    Donxpro FS Member

    Counter Strike Source


    This is a Half Life 2 Source game so your required to install half life 2 from your Cracked Steam.

    Actual File Name
    counter-strike source client.gcf

    Just download the file and put in your "steamapps" folder.

    The "steamapps" folder is located at Computer/C: Drive/Programs/Steam/

    Once you have put the file in the "steamapps" folder open up your Cracked Steam and start downloading Counter Strike Source.

    If you do not know what a cracked steam client is. "click here to find out"

    /*Download Counter Strike Source Client*/

    Sorry for the ads on hosting site. P.S. Nothing I can do about it :D.

    If you have any queries please dont hesitate to ask I will try answer them as best as I can and as soon as possible :).

    If this shows up as a virus on your computer delete as fast as possible ( My computer says its fine )

    P.S. This is my first time at attempting this if the file does not work for you don't go nuts :eek:.
  2. eurolite

    eurolite FS Member

    This is v40?
  3. freemmaann

    freemmaann FS Member

    Servers too busy problem.
  4. Donxpro

    Donxpro FS Member

    Sorry, This files is now outdated and not working since new update.
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