Eador: Masters of The Broken World - Update

Patch Notes for Eador: Masters of the Broken World (May 7th)

Version 1.06

A new update is now available for download. Here are the 1.0.6 patch notes:

— Improved HUD for units on the tactical map.
— The way unit speed animation changes has been improved.
— Optimized tooltip display for mouse cursor movement.
— Improved support of displays with 768 vertical pixels resolution.
— Fixed ‘Lighting change’ mode functioning.


— Mistiming problems fixes.
— Fixed disconnection problems between the server and the game’s client in a multiplayer game and in the lobby.
— There are now two game modes in multiplayer:

1) ‘Advanced’ mode — number of points depends on the number of played games and achieved victories;
2) ‘Classic’ mode — every player has an equal number of points (1000 at the moment).

— Added icons for player statuses: ‘Player is looking for an opponent’, ‘Player is in the game’.
— Added information display of other players’ spent points.
— Updated prices for units, spells and items.
— Improved chat.

List of Fixed Bugs:

— ‘Endless siege’ bug.
— Berserk barbarian animation caused the game to crash.
— Selected building is not correctly highlighted in the city screen.
— Effects bug of ‘A portal to Chaos’ event.
— Battle starts before some of the dialogues are over.
— Capitals generating on neutral terrain types.
— AI controlled hero doesn’t attack the castle’s garrison while it’s under siege.
— Delays in selection, giving orders and showing tooltip for units.
— Problem with necromancy skill and hero information display after the battle.
— Inability to sell an item in some cases.
— Bug that caused heroes to receive new skills and parameters earlier than intended.
— Attack of the enemy castle with no units in the garrison.
— Bug with provinces capturing where defenders could become guards in some cases.
— Karma transfer from the shard map to the astral.
— Killing a skeleton during a battle could cause the game to crash.