Eador: Masters of The Broken World - Update

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    — Added Polish localization.
    — Optimization of AI’s turn calculation.
    — Added item sets.
    — Coefficient for transfer of karma and relations with other Masters is increased.
    — Added intro video for Russian and English versions of the game (Steam only temporally).
    — AI logic for hiring and removal of units has been reworked.
    — AI logic for buildings construction priority has been improved.


    — Game freeze caused by using the ‘Astral Gates’ ritual.
    — Game freeze caused by ordering a unit to shoot while his previous animation was still playing.
    — Game crash caused by bandits attack during province exploring.
    — Game freeze caused by an attempt to capture an already lost province with an allied race.
    — Game crash caused by an attempt to see detailed information about a unit.
    — Incorrect HP number for the barbarian units after their recruitment.
    — Inability to obtain astral bonuses while defending your own shard.
    — Bug with the access to the buildings that were acquired during attack on the other Master’s shard.

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