Eador: Masters of The Broken World - Update

— Added German localization.
— Improved font texture for German and Polish versions of the game.
— Different icons for achievements (in-game only for now, will be available for Steam soon).
— Added additional check of the files integrity for the autoupdate system.
— Removed scrollbar from dialog windows. They are now scaled depending on the amount of text.
— Extended header in the statistics screen on the strategic map.
— Added ‘Lowest’ graphics preset in the settings.
— Added extended tooltips for spells on the city screen.


— Province’s resource not appearing based on the event results.
— AI heroes not getting experience from visiting arena.
— Inactive ‘Start battle’ button when entering arena’s tribune.
— Hero’s karma change when he’s watching fights from arena’s tribune.
— Dialog window covering units hire window on some events.
— Dialog window appearing above the window for choosing a guard during an event where player’s province with more than one guard is attacked.
— A bug causing hero’s negative mobility.
— Possible game crash during loading caused by ATI video cards.
— Possible game crash when saving profile.
— Game crash caused by switching from ‘Minimum’ to ‘Maximum’ graphics preset.
— Empty necromancy window appearance when the battle is finished.
— Generation of impassable tactical map.
— AI bug that prevented it from hiring the best guard available.
— AI bug that prevented it from hiring any guards at all.
— AI’s algorithm for battle result prediction.
— Simultaneous shooting of AI’s archers on the fastest battle speed.
— Resources becoming available after clearing any sight in a province instead of a certain one.
— Letters cutting in the strategic map’s statistics screen.
— Quests could be considered as complete when clearing sights in a non-quest province.
— Player’s heroes inability to leave a neutral province because of AI’s heroes (AI considered these provinces as passable).
— Incorrect display of change in gem / gold revenue caused by events.
— A bug that caused AI’s dead heroes to level up thus not letting it to resurrect them.