Eador: Masters of The Broken World - Update

Patch 1.1.2 notes (June 28)

— Added diplomatic interactions with other Masters.
— Added alchemy (turning gold to gems and vice versa).
— Changed and improved unit information screen.
— Added new achievements.
— Fixed and improved Phoenix unit model.


— Untimely recalculation of troops’ mobility after constructing the buildings that increase it and using ‘Fair Wind’ ritual.
— AI spending money and advancing ineffectively.
— AI building three shipyards in one province.
— AI not hiring an army while exploring a province with a garrison for a long time.
— AI not building outpost while having access to fort.
— Spell efficiency algorithm for AI. Heroes used to learn not the most powerful spells which resulted in development lag of Wizard and Commander.
— AI heroes not always learning new skills on level up.
— Acquiring too much experience during sight exploration with a hero meeting Spirit of Knowledge.
— Ritual not being displayed with fog of war on and being displayed with it off.
— Lack of increase in the price for missing resources during items purchase.
— Bonuses for units with knowledge of dead lands and desert not working.
— Game crash caused by quest checking after finished battle and dialog display for heroes under AI control.
— Game freeze during turn ending caused by AI hero’s item equipment.
— Rare game crash caused by map generation and exiting the game.
— Incorrect award display for victory on the Arena.
— Rare game crash on exiting city screen caused by hero’s unprocessed dialogs from previous shard.
— Too strong province guards on early campaign stages.
— Bug causing heroes to be stuck in a province due to AI player using a ritual that triggers an event.
— Injury animation for Executioner unit.
— Blinking of ‘Cancel’ and ‘Change’ buttons in the city screen.
— ‘Attack Shard’ window’s tooltip covering functional buttons.
— Game’s icon disappearing from Alt-Tab menu in Windows Vista, 7 and 8.
— Improved creation and removal mechanism of the render’s context.
— Possible game crash with the ‘Incomplete draw buffer’ error.
— Possible game crash caused by changing graphic settings.
— Possible game crash caused by launching the game on several Intel video cards.
— Disconnect in multiplayer caused by a match being inactive for a long time.
— Commander that uses some of Scout’s skills can now shoot with crossbow.
— Synchronized attack and animation for Centaur, Ballista and Catapult units.
— Removal of one fragment of the castle’s wall during its assault.
— Interface elements for provinces that aren’t bordered with player’s not being displayed with Fog of War off.
— Game freeze caused by pressing Escape button in the city screen.
— Bonuses for mixed skill sets of Commander not working properly in some cases.
— Reduced sound volume prior to and after a battle.