Eador: Masters of The Broken World - Update

Patch 1.1.3 notes (July 23)

— New interface element: if during the current turn player constructs a building, hires a guard or performs a ritual, an additional icon for his action will be displayed on respective interface buttons.
— Added new skills:
o Petrification Immunity — available for Gargoyle, Ghost and Golem from the start; can be acquired by Gnome.
o Entanglement Immunity — available for Ghost, Dragon and Phoenix from the start; can be acquired by Halfling.
o Aura of Healing — used to replenish a few HP for friendly units in nearby hexes. Available for Paladin from the start. Can be acquired by Unicorn, Dryad and Treant.
— Improved process of receiving quests from Crystals, they are more randomized now.
— Improved process of hiring guards to enemy’s base province in the campaign. Their power is now scaled to your progress.
— Almost all ‘Close’ buttons now have the same look.
— Added tooltip for ‘Close’ button in all windows that can be opened on the strategic map through hero's circular menu.
— Unit information’s window has been reworked.
— Added option to create private games and choose which player to fight with in multiplayer.
— Reduced game difficulty for the first three difficulty levels.
— Increased initial income for the first three difficulty levels.
— Added tooltip for battle result chances on the third difficulty level.
— During a siege of an outpost or a fort there is now a wooden wall and palisade on the tactical map.

— Province information in dead and desert lands now doesn’t show an icon of a race that possesses the province.
— A bug that caused hero’s army to lose a unit without reason after the death of an enemy unit under effect of ‘Enslaved’ spell.
— A bug that caused hero to become a Slug, Ogre or any other unit after using ‘Enslaved’ spell.
— AI’s ability to hire guards in a besieged province.
— Missing tooltip for the first building in a queue in the planned constructions’ window.
— Buildings tooltip’s displaying already constructed buildings on the astral map.
— ‘Resurrection’ spell not working if a unit that can use it is killed last in a battle.
— A bug that caused the fight to end with a draw if a hero died last and in the Dragon Form, leaving the hero itself alive.
— A bug that let a hero use the ‘Double Shot’ skill, come close to enemy and shoot dealing double damage. Now heroes can shoot only if they didn’t make a move during their turn. If a move is made the skill is deactivated.
— A bug that caused the game to start a tactical battle with ‘auto-battle - always’ setting turned on.
— Incorrect priorities for Healer AI’s behavior.
— Buildings that give access to pact with guard could show incorrect number of the pacts.
— Units with an all-round attack could counter-attack using this ability. Now all activated unit abilities will be nullified when a turn ends.
— AI getting fewer buildings in the Astral thus falling behind in development on the later stages of the campaign.
— Heroes could get an increase in two basic characteristics instead of one during province exploration.
— A hero under effect of Dragon Form and Polymorph spells didn’t have access to his spellbook.
— Players could make a bet on the arena even with no gold left.
— Game freeze caused by an enemy attacking player’s hero that’s besieging a province.
— A bug that caused inability to refuse from a quest given to a hero.
— A bug that caused allied Masters to send peace offers after every turn.
— A bug that let player end diplomatic relations and then send diplomatic offer to Masters in the same turn.
— AI sometimes missing units taken to the army from the garrison.
— Unavailable ‘Library’ button in a situation when two heroes are exchanging items in a province with Library.
— Inability to look at the detailed item’s information in a neutral shop and its incorrect price in the tooltip.
— Bugs that caused generation of ‘square’ lakes on the tactical map.
— Incorrect display of income change in the dialog window for ‘Dionium burning’ event.
— A bug that caused the army to consist of trolls instead of skeletons in the event ‘The dead have risen from their graves…’
— A bug that let player equip Healer’s Staff together with normal ranged weapon thus increasing all weapon’s characteristics.
— A bug that caused generation of multiple resources in some provinces.
— A bug that let player equip a two-handled weapon and a shield during a fight.
— Icon for the merchant district’s building in the city screen.
— AI attacking player’s capital without siege.
— Incorrect difficulty modifier’s calculation for gold and gems received after a fight.
— A bug that let AI summon skeletons and zombies in dead land provinces during auto-battle.
— Color palette for resources area on the bottom panel of the strategic map.
— Visual errors of the standard tooltip’s display.
— AI sometimes buying the same primitive items.
— AI constructing buildings in a province that improve the ones it already has.
— Bonuses for mixed skill sets of Commander not working properly (fixed once and for all).
— Tooltip for the building queue in the tutorial.
— AI’s ability so send a player a message when it had already received one from him (exception for war declarations).
— ‘Rain of Brimstone’ ritual not being effective against garrisons.
— ‘Deadly Terror’ ritual not working properly.
— ‘Polymorph’ spell bug that happened when the spell was used on the last enemy unit. The unit didn’t die in the end and his army remained on the strategic map.
— Display of buildings received upon victory on your own shard after other Master’s attack.
— Damage amount dealt by ‘Mass Suicide’ spell.
— Finding empty caches.
— A few bugs with medals received by units in battles.
— Display bug of ‘You have no access to this resource’ tooltip.
— Sometimes missing dialog for attack on a neutral province.
— Hills sometimes looking like plain terrain on the tactical map.
— ‘Start battle’ button not working during troop deployment on the arena.
— A bug in the tooltip for a unit’s medal on the tactical map.
— Game freeze caused by attack on the brigands’ province.
— Inability to siege an enemy capital if it's under effect of ‘Deadly Terror’ ritual.
— A few animation bugs of damage numbers on the tactical map.
— Text scaling in the item information’s window.
— Ability to buy the same item multiple times having only enough gold for one such item.
— Mouse scroll for chat and player list in multiplayer.
— Incorrect processing of Escape button when closing a confirmation window.