Earth 2160 launchable?


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I just got the .ncf or whatever for Earth 2160. When I try to launch it in Steam, it just gives me some kind of error, and when I try to use SBRev, it won't install. Does anyone know how to launch Earth 2160?

EDIT: Wait, I'll try extracting it first.
ummm abit more information please, i think you have to download the gcf dont you, that has the majority of the files within it.

Edit: heres you first clue why it wont work, how big is the ncf.
ermmmmmmmmm trying looking under the section gcf/ncf, i mean mate seriuosly how hard is it to find that perticular section.
it is not in gcf format
but in ncf
means: you have some small ncf files which contaion informations about the files which should be present at \steamapps\common\<game name>

so it isn't enough to just have the ncf files
you also need the files which have to be in \common\earth 2160
after that you need to replace the exe and apply a reg fix
then, after launching, still the process of activation
don't worry, i've upped the fixed exe, the reg-fix and 2 keygens for you here
try to verify the game
have you got all common files?
and what kind of message does it give you?
common_files are located in the steamapps folder they are like extracted GCF/NCF files basically each folder in there is for a particular game. If your 100% sure Steam verifys and it says 100% you already have everything. Other than that try another program or crack to launch it. I had a similar problem with Heroes of Annihilated Empires but it was reduced to $15 from $40 so I just bought it. :p