Edge of Space Product Update

0.1.49E Hot Fixes: Getting back into the swing
This patch is doing some balance rounding and minor updates. We are trying to get back into our normal patch schedule after all the migration.

- Swarm Crabs health reduced damage increased
- Ice Crabs implemented
- Leaper implemented and Area Of Effect on land impact
- New Jelly types introduced and rebalanced
- Exposure math has been updated, as you go deeper the general threat of exposure will get higher. This is not to be confused with the rank, but the penalty for getting exposed lower increases as you go deeper.
- Deployed some of the natural spawning creatures in comet biome
- Willerworm and Vinebeetle have been given unique reactions to situations
- Plasma tree rebalanced. Lowered life, increased damage and speed of plasma balls
- Hunter Decimators now can detect the ceiling and if too close will change to firing from the bottom
- Hunter Seekers and Decimators have had health reduced but damage increased
- Armors have had a full rebalanced pass to make them scale more evenly
- Armor exposure ranks have been adjusted to be more inline with their original intent
- Outlander armor has been given a significant increase in stats and viability
- Sound updates across the board
- Adjusted gun procedural component values to allow more granularity within the craft chance
- Rocket Penguin and Mortar Penguin packs now roam the comet biome
- Rocket and Mortar Penguins also have a chance to drop Nano gear schematics
- Adjusted resource values for biomass to make it disperse more evenly
- Adjusted schematic costs across the board
- Updated how armor positioning works and fixed visual issues with Outlander
- Updating functionality for interfaces
- Updated some depth values to keep the starting pod in a safe area

- Chest duplication bug
- Hunter Seeker no longer only has 1hp
- Warning light schematic now works as intended
- Structure titanium's item name has been corrected
- Updated Accessories to insure syncing of animations
- Laser Shark now only chews through blocks in the world it located in