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    Fallen Enchantress - Legendary Heroes Update Released.

    Stardock Entertainment is happy to announce the release of the 0.85 BETA for its upcoming turn-based strategy, fantasy game, Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes. This new update adds a number of new features, bug fixes and balance adjustments.


    Added the Cautious Sovereign ability (allows the sovereign to escape from battle)

    Added Sovereign Bond as a sovereign talent (allows the sovereign to summon familiars)

    Added the Soldier’s Boots (available for unit design, +1 init)

    Added the Soldier’s Gloves (available for unit design, +5 accuracy)

    Added the Soldier's Cloak (available for unit design, +10 magic resist)

    Added the Scaled Cloak (available for unit design, +25% fire resistance)

    Added the Warboar monster

    Added the First Aid Kit (available for unit design, +2 hit points and +1 healing rate)

    Added Rations (available for unit design, +3 hit points)

    Added achievements for winning as Capitar and Umber

    New tactical maps added


    Fixed an issue keeping the Life V icon from showing up

    Fixed an issue keeping pikes from upgraded to lightning pikes

    Fixed an issue keeping longswords from upgrading to boreal blades

    Fixed bow upgrades

    Fixed an issue with chainmail gloves issue that was cuasing them to recolor with cloth color 2 instead of metal color

    Fixed an issue with the chainmail hood that was keeping it from being recolorable

    Lots of fixed stamps from Parrottmath

    Lots of updated tactical battles (blocked tiles set)

    Fixed bug where part of the improvement loading process didn't get told it was loading a game, which could cause modifiers to get reapplied when they shouldn't be

    Fixed bug where you could get repeat recruited champions after loading a game

    Fixed an issue where if you had an army led by a champ that was not the sov, and he died in battle, but the rest of your army won the battle. When this happened the entire army would be transported back to a city and immobilized rather than just have the champ that fell in battle be injured and stay with the army on the map

    If a unit is standing on a city at the end of its turn, and it doesn't have a destination set to leave at the start of the next turn, it will auto station that unit in the city

    Roads will now not pass through wildlands. When a wildland is cleared, each city reevaluates its connections with other cities and has another chance to build a road if applicable

    Fixed yields on captured Deorcnysse

    Fixed a clipping issue on cliff corners

    Fixed an issue allowing caravans to be killed even if you have the legacy of serrane

    Fixed an issue with the Produce Mana project

    Lots of fixed tactical maps

    Fixed an issue keeping some traits form being applied after a game was reloaded (most notable with the Veteran and Experienced traits)

    Fixed an issue keeping Shield Bash from showing the damage

    Fixed an issue with guarded strike not proving its defense bonus

    Fixed crashes


    Reduced Charge from +3 to +2 and instead the training cost

    Scholar moved from a talent to a profession

    Padded Breastpiece added as a designable equipment

    Reduced Stables from from 1 horse per season to 0.5

    Reduced Kennels from from 1 warg per season to 0.5

    Moved the Adventurer’s Guild from Heroes to Breon’s Letters

    Arctic Wolf Cloaks no longer require a tech

    Removed the Resistance bonus form the ring of embers, of the glacier and storms

    Increased the training cost of mounts

    Removed the init bonus form the Athican longsword

    Decreased the amount that increased production pace increases production

    Increased the strength of the bandits from the Bandit Lord ability

    Increased the Noble profession from -5 Unrest to -10

    Increased the Scholar research bonus from +10% to +20%

    Reduced Warlock from +50% spell damage to +25%

    Reduced the Fame from quests from 20 to 15

    Balance gives +10 to dodge and -1 to init instead of +5 to dodge and -1 to hit points

    Charge gives +1 moves and +2 attack instead of +3 moves and +3 attack

    Defender gives +10 defense when defending instead of +5

    Impulsive gives +2 init instead of going first in battle

    Muscle gives +1 to attack and -1 to init instead of just +1 to attack

    Strength is no longer a unit design trait

    Reduced base trained unit accuracy from 70 to 60

    Reduced maces init from -3 to -4

    Reduced Battle Axe attack from 15 to 12

    Reduced Boar Spear attack from 11 to 10

    Reduced Short Sword attack from 10 to 9

    Reduced Pike attack from 16 to 15

    Reduced Longsword attack from 18 to 14 and +2 init

    Reduced Great Axe attack from 21 to 17

    Reduced Maul attack from 25 to 22

    Removed the Heroes tech

    The amount of Fame quests grant has been changed to be per quest instead of a global value (so more difficult quests grant more fame)

    The army that didn't attack starts in defensive stance in tactical combat

    Kasst increased from 1 move to 3

    Increased the xp given from combat slightly

    Reduced the level and hit points on Hergon Sows

    Increased the dragon level int he Ghost Helm quest from 7 to 12

    Razing cities does slightly more damage to surrounding terrain

    Increased Ascian to 4 moves

    Reduced the training cost of the Fast trait form 20 to 15

    Horses give +2 attack and Init for their first action in combat (warhorses gives +3 to both instead)

    Increased all Sharp weapons form +1 crit chance to +5

    Increased all Razor weapons from +2 crit chance to +10 crit chance


    Monster behavior improvements

    Fixed AI bug that kept it from "seeing" enemy armies approaching its cities in certain cases

    Fixed AI bug where AI would declare war soon after having made peace

    Fixed AI bug in tactical where it would cast tangled web on a ranged unit (edge case)

    Razing cities does slightly more damage to surrounding terrain

    Fixed diplomacy bug where the AI would seemingly declare war on you for no reason (there was a reason but not the one given)


    Better looking river banks from Kay

    Pedestrians are no loner displayed in tactical battles

    Added Mountains back to minimaps

    Steam notifications now popup in the upper left corner instead of over the turn button

    Added a new quest completion window

    Consolidated all the upgrade actions into a single upgrade button

    Added a new unit upgrade screen

    Added icon category icons to the train screen (so you can see what type of unit they are)

    Double-clicking on perk or path entries in the two unit level up screen will select the perk and close the screen

    New texture for Ongr the Unbound

    The spellbook remembers the last strategic spell you cast and starts there when you reopen it

    Battle window now states what city is being attacked, if a city is being attacked

    The camera will no longer recenter on your unit at the beginning of each turn if that unit was already selected

    Previously we hid units in the train window if you didnt have any of the materials needed to train them (but they were greyed out if oyu had at least 1). Now we display them greyed out all the time. This caused issues where oyu would unlock mages or juggernauts but not see them because you didnt have any crystal or metal.

    Now all the goodie huts you get tresure form have treasure chests in them (color based on how valuable they are)


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