Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes Updated

Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes has been updated.

Stardock Entertainment is happy to announce the release of the 0.87 BETA for Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes today on Steam. This week's update includes new epic weapons, new abilities, balance changes, bug fixes and more!


Added the Calloused Hide trait (+1 defense per level)

Added Equinox (longsword granted from killing Morian, +20 hit points, enables the Autumnal Equinox ability, enables the Vernal Equinox ability)

Added the Autumnal Equinox ability (heal all allies half of the units current hit points)

Added the Vernal Equinox ability (poison damage to all enemies for half of the units current damage)

Added Sunderer (great axe granted from killing Abeix, each strike reduces the targets defense by half for 5 turns)

Added Tectonic Bulwark (tower shield granted by killing Torax, unit is immune to swarm, enables the Tectonic Shift ability)

Added the Tectonic Shift ability (teleport to any location on the battlefield, surrounding enemies take damage equal to half the units defense, and stinking mud surrounds the unit)

Added Delin's Ember (accessory granted from killing Delin, +12 fire attack, +50% fire spell damage, +100 fire resistance)


Fixed an issue keeping some traits form being displayed in the unit ui

Fixed an issue keeping the Double Strike skill from applying its accuracy modifier

Toggleable actions like auto-explore and guard now correctly show their current state by highlighting the action button if the action is enabled

Fixed bug where auto-explore was not cancelled if you explicitly set a new destination on the main map

Fixed bug where enabling auto-explore or guard didn't disable the other action

Fixed the bug that if given a unit for completing a quest, it would not be displayed on the Quest Complete Wnd if he couldn't fit in your army (ie. your army slots were full)

Fixed bug where dead rat would show up on Quest Complete Wnd when finishing the Rats in the Ruin quest, even though you no longer have the rat upon completion of the quest

Fixed issue where treasures from some specific quests, (such as Ghost Helm), did not show up on the Quest Complete Wnd. These quests were giving their treasures in a way unlike most other quests

Fixed an issue keeping the guardian statues from showing up in props and improvements

Fixed an issue keeping pedestrians from showing up in goodie huts and resources (most notable with being unable to see horses and wargs on their resource tiles)

Fixed an issue where page back/forward buttons were not updated correctly when autoselecting the last selected spell in the spellbook.

Fixed an issue where IntroBookWnd would not use the custom backstory written when the custom sov was created

In the tactical wnd, with a spell selected and mousing over a target unit, it now correctly shows modified hit chances from the spell, and the effects of multiple damage modifiers in the spell, and the troop multiplier

Fixed bug where if an outpost adjacent to a city built upgrade modules, those modules would be absorbed into the city and allow double building of a module

Fixed a crash if you happened to press Shift+W while in a popup window like the unit design wnd

Fixed an issue messing up graphics on the research screen

Free level bonuses from some perks in the unit design wnd are now reflected in the stats in the unit design screen

Fixed an issue keeping the Adventurers Boon trait from being selectable

Fixed a bug causing the Treasury Vault to give to much gold (fix by ParrotMath)

Fixed an issue keeping Mages from being buildable

Fixed an issue causing headless slaves

Fixed an issue causing invisible goodie huts

Fixed an issue making Guard unavailable if their were enemies int he area of effect

Fixed an issue allowing non-grouping units (juggernauts and iron golems) to be grouped on the upgrade screen


Reduced Bread to 8 healing

Reduced Healing Nectar to 20 healing

Reduced Mushrooms to 8 healing

Reduced Healing Potion to 30 healing

Reduced Iru Elixir to 40 healing

Reduced Salted Pork to 12 healing

Reduced Restoration Potion to 60 healing

Reduced Tilda Herbs to 12 healing

Increased the Aid spell to 8+2 healing instead of 4+2

Reduced the accuracy penalty on Double Strike from -30 to -20

Increased the Heal spell from 8+2 to 16+2 healing

Fixed an issue with the Leech Dagger and the Butcher’s Axe not stealing life

Increased Thunderstrike mana cost from 28 to 38

Thunderstrike damage increased form 5+2 to 10+2

Wellspring increased healing from 12+4 to 24+4

Removed the casting time from the Wither spell

Increased the damage on the bleed ability form 1/2/3 to 3/6/9

Increase Vital Strike critical hit chance form 1/2/3 to 5/10/15

Spectral Chain Shirt made uncommon instead of rare

Ophidian Scale Shirt made rare instead of ultrarare

Mirror Shield made uncommon instead of rare

Obsidian Shield made rare instead of unltrarare

Shrill Shield made rare instead of ultrarare

Champions Cuirass doesnt randomly drop anymore

Impenetrable Plate Cuirass made rare instead of ultrarare

Obsidian Helm made rare instead of ultrarare

Impenetrable Tower Shield made rare instead of ultrarare

Obsidian Tower Shield made rare instead of ultrarare

Shield of the Sentinel made uncommon instead of rare

Defeating Sarog rewards Sarog’s Axe

Defeating a War Boar grants a war boar mount

War board mounts give +3 to attack and init for the first action of combat

Ophidian from the Alchemists Offer quest starts at 3rd level

Fixed an issue raising burning hands for 8+2 per fire shard instead of 4+2

Regeneration heals all damage each season instead of fixed amount

Tweaked tactical unit battle placement

Increased the Lethal traits from +2/+3/+4 attack to +3/+4/+5

Added the Revenge trait to the Warrior tree

Removed the level prereqs from armor

Treasure chests always give uncommon items now (instead of having a chance to give uncommon or common)

Tax Office now gives +20% gildar when producing wealth instead of +25% gildar when the queue is empty

Increased the reward from the Ghost Helm quest to an Ivory Helm

Added the Calloused Hide trait to Tuatha

Generally increased the attack on champion only weapons

Generally decreased the level requirements on champion weapons

Commanders can learn Chain Mail proficiency

Shard Altars require Shard Harvesting (Shrines moved to Immortal Codex and Temples to Ereog's Journals)

Stables reduced from 1 horses per 2 seasons to 1 horse per 5 seasons (same with wargs)

Removed the Bonus Dodge and Bonus Dodge vs Ranged from Mounts

Reduced the amount of Warg and Horses resources in the world slightly

Decreased Pike to 14 attack

Decreased Boar Spear to 9 attack

Added the Incineration Staff and the Ice Staff to sovereign customization


Curses are now displayed on the city details screen

The player is now notified when someone casts a curse on his cities

Started adding back some light props (you will need your amount of groundcover set above 'None' to see them)

Fixed an issue where resources could show redundant information in the info pane

Added a crest, faction name, and tint area to the conversation popup wnd for when a nation speaks to you