Fallen Enchantress Update Released

Fallen Enchantress has been updated to v1.1

This update includes:


Fixed Armor Piercing on all the Pikes, Shadow Broadsword, Druss Blade and the Ram’s Head Longbow

Fixed warg sweep animation

Fixed lots of crashes

Fixed the Heart of Stone ability

Fixed a bunch of clothes that had invalid color settings

Fixed a hang if you have Blood Sigil on a city

Fixed invalid color settings on the Bard and Shieldbearer henchmen

Big change to reduce memory usage in the late game

Fixed blue lines (they look like straight rivers) on the cloth map

Fixed an issue that could cause the AI to autocomplete all improvements when under threat.


Amethyst Vault provides 2 crystal/season (instead of 1)

Base city Gildar is reduced slightly

Guild Grocer bonus hit points reduced from +10% to +5%

Units trained in a city with an Infirmary start with the Endurance trait

Mining Guild provide 2 metal/season (instead of 1)

Pyre of Anniellum gives +2 fire power (instead of 1) but doesn’t give mana

Reduced the unrest penalty from slums from 10% to 5%

Guild Warehouse gives +4 gildar/season along with the existing bonus when the queue is empty

Watchtower gives units trained in the city the Charge trait (instead of bonus init to defending units)

Curgen’s Volcano has a 10 turn casting time and its casting cost is raised from 500 to 2000

Destiny’s Gift casting cost raised from 100 to 200 and the buffs were decreased

Earthquake casting cost raised from 100 to 300

Destiny’s Insight casting cost raised from 100 to 150

Pralius no longer has a sword that’s too high a level for him

Brutal Nature juggernaut trait reduced from +100% Attack to +50% and its training cost increased from 16 to 60

Frenzy juggernaut trait adds +1 Moves and its training cost increased from 10 to 50

Ignore Pain juggernaut trait reduced from +40 hp to +30 hp and its training cost increased from 35 to 50

Maul juggernaut trait training cost increased from 0 to 60

Uncontrolled Rage juggernaut trait training cost increased from 16 to 30

Juggernaut base hp increased from 40 to 50

Reduced the base cost of Juggernauts from 400 to 250

Reduced the Training Time on the Cook trait from 20 to 6

Heroic trait now gives +20 Influence when completing a quest (instead of 50)

Heroic trait gets +40 base Influence

Diplomat trait gives +40 base Influence (instead of +20)

Henchmen Influence cost reduced from 50 to 40

Bard henchmen starts with the best armor available

Shieldman henchman starts with the best shield and armor available

Torch Bearer henchmen starts with the Ring of Embers, Ring of Life, Belt of Speed and the best fire staff possible

Mercenaries dont have a Wage cost anymore

Tweaked the formula which determines the threat rating of units/armies

Modified the combat rating calcualtor to consider defense a bit more

Wraith race gains +20 Dodge

Amarian race loses the -1 hp per level

Quest scrolls now cost 100 gildar (instead of 50)


AI trait weighting reduced from 1000 to 100 for researching techs purposes

AI checks to make sure a given unit isn't a city guardian unit before doing AI on it (to keep the AI from taking city defenders out of cities)

AI calculates the battle rank of its champions and sovereigns each turn afresh to accurately reflect how strong it is prior to operating on it

AI caps how much it will count crystal, influence and metal when factoring what it should research

AI vastly better at choosing technologies to research

AI is more protective of its cities

Fixed bug where AI pioneers couldn't build outposts if they were in an army with a champion or a sovereign (hence, armies of pioneers late game)

Fixed AI bug where sovereigns and champions, late game, would tend to lone wolf attack cities

AI pioneers better about staying put if there is an area threat around them (i.e. will stay inside a city)

AI values armor more than before when designing units

AI champions now care more about whether the city is defended well enough before leaving a city

Fixed bug that prevented AI from casting strategic attack spells on enemy units

AI interacts more with players

Fixed path finding bug that caused any AI units that intersected during movement to cancel their destinations. This prevented AI units from being able to effectively create armies or get around late game (basically crippled AI movement late game)