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    Stardock Entertainment is pleased to present the v1.20 update for its turn-based fantasy strategy game, Fallen Enchantress today. This latest update contains a number of balance changes, bug fixes, crash fixes, AI improvements and more.


    Reduced Wealthy from +800 Gildar to +500 Gildar

    Ancient Temples are more common and they give +1 Research per turn instead of +1 Mana

    Pastures gives +3% hit points to all your units instead of increasing the grains of the attached city

    Increased the default players on small, medium and large maps slightly

    Increased the labor costs of bows and ranged staves

    Fruit Groves, Twilight Bees, Wild Game and Whild Grain are now more common

    Increased the amount of resources spawned

    Monsters still raze city but it no longer salts the land

    Twilight Honey now provides a faction wide -2% to unrest

    Gold deposits are more common but produce less gildar

    Grain provies 25 food instead of 20 by default

    Modified rarity of different world resources and their availability to have more variety

    Goodie huts are slightly more common

    Shards are slightly rarer

    Default turn limit reduced to 800 (from 1000)

    Blizzard can be cast in an area will hit your units (and it will damage them)

    Pioneers cost 30 population when trained


    Fixed a bug where the hit point bar wouldn't update when the crushing blow ability was used

    Fixed bug where AI units would sometimes get stuck (like watching while their city was taken over or not going out to get goodie huts or going after an easy kill unit)

    Fixed bug where AI knowledge trading didn't always reduce tradeable knowledge

    Fixed an issue keeping the Growth potion from increasing blunt damage

    Fixed an issue where the Paragon spell could be cast indefinitly

    Fixed an issue where units will now exit cities in the best way to reach their specified destination

    Fixed crashes


    AI more intelligent about when and what it builds in its cities

    AI evaluates whether it should be training archers/catapults/mounted units more effectively

    Fixed but that caused AI to disproportionately choose the first level up perk (like Assassin)

    AI more aggressive about getting to goodie huts


    Fixed glitch that caused the arrow cursor to show instead of the hour glass when the player dragged the map between turns

    Reduced ground cover on terrain with the exception of deserts

    Added an icon to all the Refined techs to indicate that they can be researched multiple times

    Fixed lots of typos

    Resource tooltip no longer lists the tech requirement if the player already has the tech

    Removed references to techs unlocking quests in the tech descriptions


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