Fallen Enchantress Update Released

Stardock Entertainment is pleased to announce the release of v1.3 for its epic, turn-based strategy game, Fallen Enchantress today. This latest update adds the new Majesty spell, AI improvements, balance adjustments, UI improvements and bug fixes.

Version 1.30 Changelog:

New Features:

  • Added the Majesty spell
  • Added 115 new unit designs for the AI to use (designs from Kongdej, thanks!)

Balance Updates:

  • Conclaves generate more Research but less Gold
  • Forts generate more Production but less Gold
  • Animal Husbandry gives +10 food per grain
  • Granary gives +35 food per grain instead of +25
  • Mill gives +4 production per material instead of +3
  • Slave Pen gives +4 production per material instead of +3
  • Labor Guild gives +6 production per material instead of +5
  • Refined Agriculture gives +10 food per grain instead of +5
  • Overhauled the tile yield system, in general the crappy tiles no longer show up, the good tiles do and are more varied (no more oceans of tile yields, instead you see 5-6 spots with different yields)
  • Increased the base production per material from 6 to 8
  • Towns people automatically destroy the Forge of the Overlord components when they're conquered to prevent them from falling into enemy hands
  • Champion Recruitment cost gets gradually more expensive based on the # of champions the player has
  • Tireless March can only be cast on one unit at a time
  • Blindness lowers the victims Accuracy by 25% instead of 50%


  • Fixed the quest that reduced the occupation unrest penalty (bonus: modders can now modify any elementaldef attr)
  • Fixed the Blood Season event
  • Fixed an issue that caused Deorcnysse to not have any production or food
  • Fixed Shadow World to be castable anywhere
  • Fixed an issue keeping the Confusion spell from showing up as a spell
  • Fixed a gamesave corruption issue
  • Fixed crashes
  • Fixed an issue that can cause bounding boxes to get offset (ie: you click on one tile/unit and it selects a different tile)
  • Fixed an issue keeping the Cloak of Thorns spell from working
  • Fixed the Strange Noises quest to correctly give the wolf pups
  • Fixed a hang issue (game goes not responding)
  • Fixed an issue not allowing players to settle in the Ruins of the Imperium wildland (and therfor be unable to conquer it)
  • Fixed the Loner trait
  • Fixed an issue causing plague stalker lairs to look like empty tiles (this is why many people thought the asaq wildland was broken, there were other goodie huts you needed to clear but there was literally nothing in the tile displaying them or icon indicating they were there)


  • AI is more aggressive about researching and completing the Spell of Making victory
  • AI more likely to value lumber improvements as production boosts
  • AI players now sell their loot to the item shop
  • Reduced AI valuing of various treaties to get rid of the "If you pay me 120 gildar I'll give you a trade agreement worth 1 gildar per turn" popups
  • AI is more likely to ask for peace in war based on larger strategic considerations (rather than a simple military might calculation)
  • AI is more likely to bribe a player (human or machine) to go after other players IF the other player already has poor relations
  • Modified AI relation weights
  • AI players will try to acquire mounted units more effectively on normal and higher difficulty level
  • Updated Diplomacy Relations system: Relations are no longer calculated. Instead, each turn, a player's opinion of another player is measured and then trickles into an overall bucket that results in relations slowly changing over time
  • AI interacts more with players
  • AI Sovereign does a better job of searching for a good place for its capital rather than relying on its starting tile
  • Only certain types of AI personalities will aggressively target the spell of making victory path
  • AI Sovereign and champions more insistant on having support units before going out into combat
  • AI is smarter about where and when it builds the various Forge of the Overlord components (more defensible)
  • Fixed glitch that caused the AI not to "see" certain tiles as being able to be settled on
  • Added 115 new unit designs for the AI to use (designs from Kongdej, thanks!)


  • We've add an indicator on the faction power panel when a player controls the towers for the spell of making victory (so players have an earlier indication that the AI is about to end the game)
  • Lots of good typo and desc fixes from TBS Gamer (Thanks!)