Fallout 1 & 2!


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Who HAS played it here...it's an old school game. It's a TBRPG. And it was launch I think the same time as Baldur's Gate.

damn u i was gonna post this GAH i have played both finished them so many times it isnt funny! awesome games if u havnt played them download them now!
EXTREMELY SUGGESTED! PLAY this games! It's still the top game in my list of games...

Counter Strike Beta to 1.6 & CZ
Warcraft II Series
Starcraft Series
Mechwarrior Series

Yeah I played this game a lot...and I mean a lot since I was trying different characters. I was dissapointed on the update on Fallout 2 wherein you can't reuse your saved games...I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Oh and btw I've never used any character generator or walkthrough until I was able to finish this game by myself! Then I tried to improved the game play after through the use of walkthroughs since I missed a lot of events.
TheOne Baldurs Gate is good but Fallout 2 is much better you should download it! it may look funny bit it is an awesome game
Fallout RULEZ!!!! One of the best games ever! I got all the 3 games. But I think fallout 2 is the best of them...but it has great story, great graphic and pretty great humor!