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This did'nt get many hit's on the other fs site (, so i've decided to post here =).

Two very cool sites for Southpark and Family guy fans.

Watch every episode available including all the specials free, its updates daily keep you busy. After each episode is screened its basically on the site straight away.=)

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My favorite episodes:
Southpark: Make love not warcraft
Family guy: emission impossible.
hey does anyone know if its possible to download the eps etc off these sites so i can watch offline and put on DVD etc
well..I posted an app on fswarez called youtube flv to avi downloader . its really really good and it works with myspace vids and dailly motion vids as well as youtube.

If you watch stuff on (which is kinda growing)
It allows you to download stuff off there if you register and become a member and the quality is as good as any dvd rip you'd find out there

you could also download stuff off google vids using the download button

hope i helped :D
I'm making a southpark release site soon, We usually release the SP episodes 5-10 minutes on rapidshare after the release from torrent.
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