Football Manager 2010 Update Released

Updates to Football Manager 2010 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Football Manager 2010
  • Fixed crash when clicking on the backroom advice button
  • Players who say they are willing to leave the club to help with the clubs debts no longer get upset if you transfer list or offer them out.
  • Fixed scouts completing thier nation assignments too early for small reputation clubs.
  • Adjusted generation of names for Croatian newgens with second nationalities.
  • Fixed older newgens in some cases getting youth contracts instead of regular contracts.
  • Playing for a clubs A and B teams now does not count as having already played for 2 clubs in a season when joining a new team.
  • Past meetings tables are now sorted by goal difference and goals for after points.
  • National team facts information panel now only uses first team players.
  • Adjusted changes in very low average attendances
  • Fixed newgen name issues where some African newgens for example were getting English names because of their birth city language being English.
  • Players no longer get unhappy about the clubs league position until after a reasonable amount of games have been played.
  • Fixed bug where a person loses a language skill when changing from a player to a staff member.
  • Stopped inappropriate manager to manager comments been available on Brazilian State league games.
  • Adjusted newgen attribute creation and development
  • Adjusted Danish cup attendances
  • Players dont get called up to Olympic qualifiers if they have important club matches.
  • Automatic rejection of other national job offers if offered multiple jobs. When you accept an offer, it auto-rejects the other jobs just like it does with club management
  • Adjusted Turkish Super Cup attendancesAdjusted Bulgarian attendances in continental matches