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Revision 4.1 - June 30th 2008

1. This rule list is not total, the excuse 'it wasn't on the rules list' isn't applicable. This is not a democracy.
2. Respect each other. Don't call each other names and start a fire. Anything deemed disrespectful towards staff members will be taken very seriously.
3. Don't reply to a thread just to say it's shit. Give detail, explanation, or a virus report if it applies.
4. If someone does something wrong, report them. Flaming or attacking them will get you banned.
5. Don't reply to threads that are made with the intent of the user getting banned (ban me threads).
6. DO NOT POST PORN. We have private sections for that and it will remain PRIVATE.
7. Purposely breaking any of these rules with an alt account will get all your accounts permabanned, along with your IP banned from the entire server.
8. Use descriptive thread titles. Things like 'Help' or 'Something I saw..'or 'Download" aren't descriptive. 'Help with (something here)' is what we want to see.
9. Do not make parody threads.
10. If you're posting a link to a news story say why and/or state your opinion. Do not just post links.
11. Do not reply to threads just to reply. Replying with things like 'uh.. ya' or 'what' will get you an infraction.
12. If you're replying to a thread asking for help, HELP OR DO NOT POST.
13. NO ADVERTISING TO OTHER FORUMS, NON FORUM WAREZ SITES ARE FINE, for example, the pirate bay is allowed.
14. Don't steal stuff and claim it as yours. Don't use this rule as an excuse to bitch if you're not credited for your work. They need to claim that they made it. This is a developer rule worldwide, not just here at FS.
15. Read the thread before replying. If you reply to a thread based on thread title you will get an infraction.
16. Replying with hilarious meme's like 'Stick it in her pooper' will get you an infraction.
17. Don't make threads about religion, unless it's in a religion thread approved by staff.
18. Be sure to read all material before posting for help. Your introduction PM should includes a lot of helpful information.
19. This is not an obituary forum. Don't post threads about how your relative/friend/cat died.
20. Use the SEARCH before posting something.
21. Stop making threads asking if you can play on all servers or download all games on steam. The answer is always no except when it comes to cafes.
22. Do not post useless threads that have no meaning but proving how stupid you are.
24. DO NOT POST VIRUS, SCAMS, AND/OR RICK ROLLS. These are grounds for an immediate ban whether you are the creator or not.
25. This is not the worthless forum called pacman's world. We do not support anything repacked by Pacman, and you can be banned/given an infraction for speaking of it/him.
26. Please, post in the right forum/section
27. Also, do not post huge pictures and DO NOT SPAM!
28. Marketplace is meant to be friendly, respectful, and offer useful products and services to members. Please do not scam or steal from our members. However, we take no liability for anything stolen from the buyer/seller.
29. No asking for steam accounts at all. This is not a freebie forum in that way. However, we are working very hard to provide Steam at a higher quality 100% free.
30. Sharing of your account what so ever is strictly prohibited and we have a system to inform us of this sharing.

The rules may change at anytime, without prior notice. Simply because a rule is not on here does not mean you cannot get punished for a certain action. Punishments will be given as the staff member sees fit. If you feel you were wrongfully accused and would like to appeal this matter, than you may contact WorldWarIII via Private Message.
The rules have been updated: 1/9/07

8) No asking support questions or begging for other items in the shoutbox. That's not what it's meant for. Please post in the topic if you need help. 1 Hour ban per offense.
The rules have been updated: 1/9/07

9) No the selling of Steam cafe "e-cafe" accounts. You will be warned once, and then suspended the second time.

Because this was not understood by a few of our members, I am posting it as an official rule.
10.) No signature over the size of 7 normal-sized lines.

R89 edit: I say max width: 600 and height: 500.
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